The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Reality Is Focus in Focus


Your center is a place. Center is a noun. Focus is an action, or body of actions, and well… Your focus literally is your reality. Everything that has your attention is part of your focus, and you have a focus whether you have knowingly chosen it or not. You cannot avoid having a focus, because in any given day you have limited time and energy. You may have a lot of time and energy, some people seem to be many places in a day and do many things, but they still have a limit.

Now you are given only so much time in a day and only a specific measure of personal resources, physical energy or emotional strength, so why do people seem to be their focus instead of have their focus?

There is only so much time and it has been shown that a directed focus loses “focus“ after 20 minutes unless it is shifted for a moment to allow some degree of restore. Very true. This is just how the brain works. We can strategize to allow for the optimum structure of our attention despite that, but do we? And if not, why not?

People seem to have a problem with prioritization? Not knowing what they want? Oh, they are very good at prioritization, but they prioritize unnatural things, “unreal” things, then just wind up feeling empty. Why do we lose sight of reality? There is no such thing as “the real world”, but there is such a thing as reality. Nature abhors a void. Even our subconscious mind cannot conceive of non-entities. New research has found that there is even no void state in the mind. You are never thinking “nothing”, you literally cannot. Reality is focus.

The most obvious result of modern relativistic thinking is the noticeable upswing in schizophrenia. It’s a mental illness that takes relativity about as far as it can go. I have heard some people express doubt about it being a mental illness. It is my firm opinion it is one, and this is the dis-ease behind schizophrenia. They have not lost their ability to reason. If you could understand their perception, then their behaviour is actually quite sane. A schizophrenic cannot focus, and because they cannot voluntarily focus, they have no freedom of action, or limited freedom. Focus is not a straight jacket unless you add authoritarian judgementalism to it.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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