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The alienation of sudden death tends to warp the mind of the recently departed. The desire for the life they lost is heartbreaking, maddening even.

One World in General


I have found I observe something about people that most people just think is weird. People get seriously hung up on ethnic groups and literal blood lines. But I have seen for a long time that despite superficial differences, there does seem to be only a limited number of types of people, and ethnicity has nothing to do with it. They have completed mapping the general human DNA structure and the difference between my DNA and yours is 13% which means we are 87% identical. Brains don’t have an ethnicity when it comes to their wave patterns, and what they call the kirlian effect would look just the same.

We all live in one world. The world didn’t re-invent itself for any specific group of people. The world doesn’t even show any evidence of species favouritism. If anything, it seems to be growing a bit unhappy with humans right now, but there is no plan of genocide either. If humans fail, it will be due to their own loss of spirit, not because the earth ended them.

You can feel the earths emotions, but they are very “big picture.” You can feel the earth wants life. You can feel the earth wants intelligence too. It doesn’t want human poisons, but it doesn’t expect humans to not make tools either. Humans have just been negotiating in bad faith.

This is just a new transitional period. We have been in them before.

Two things science doesn’t do well for all its supposed understanding. Synthesize chemicals and clean air, but at least they have the brains to realize that nature does it. People maybe just need to respect the plants more. Earth gives life all by itself. It doesn’t have to be forced. The bulk of spiders won’t bite you. The bulk of rodents prefer to be outside. The bulk of bugs prefer the open air. Nature is not scary. You just need to learn its ways, show respect and honour, and it lets you. Unlike most humans who get huffy and say, “You don’t know me!”

Hawaii once had perfect ecological relationship. Had to, for there was no other source of life sustaining. It was unique on the planet for it was isolated for thousands of years. All kinds of things evolved in this environment, including very advanced spirit psychic abilities which is NOT the province of Hawaiians. What that teaches is that environment, steady state more or less consistent, and time, and that can be a map for future human evolution.

I have heard it was similar for the people of the south east Asian islands and the aboriginals of Australia too. Is part of why westerners were afraid of them. They seemed to know too much. This is where they got the word boogie man.

Oh, we scared the missionaries half to death, demons, satans, evil, idol worship. I would say the Hawaiian islands have maybe been the biggest “ark” of evolution of the planet. Despite being in a sense “despoiled”, they still have had a world wide impact and somehow still hold onto the wisdoms therein. The beauty of native Hawaiian species has moved people to spread them all around. Life is wisdom. So forms of life = types of wisdom.

There are people who come here, hang out at the bars of Waikiki, do just the tourist thing, then go home and know something different has happened and know they have been changed. They do not know how to apply.

Alaska has powerful mana, but it’s “sleepy” so people can’t read it yet, but that is changing. Our most sacred canoes were made of the fallen trees that made their way south to us and many of their indigenous intermarried so we have native and Inuit alike with Hawaiian names and words.

Recent archaeological findings put the Native American people as having been moving earlier than they first guessed. They thought it relatively “recent.” They were wrong.

Same for their dating about our islands settling too. They thought it was “recent“, no no no. Not surprised. You don’t come to know the land so well in a few hundred years or so, or even a thousand unless maybe are just a very gifted people, but all people can do that. Some just chose to go crazy instead.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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