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Nature Of Awakening in Awakened


The nature of your awakening may differ from another person. For some, the awakening involves a relationship with the world and the spirits, the stars and the energies that form the foundation of reality. It feels like really entering the world for the first time. For others, their awakening may involve an expansion of pure consciousness, discovering that their minds have depths and realms of experience they never noticed before.

Or the awakening of latent abilities? Psychic abilities? Yes. Like discovering you don’t just know what you are thinking, but you know what another person is thinking too. Almost like they are telling you. It doesn’t get confused or mistaken for your own thinking. It is “other”. More like communication than mind invasion.

As for myself, I was sort of “stillborn”. Half developed faculties and twisted abilities that just make me lose energy. My “awakening” was in utero, and it has taken a lot of reconditioning to get anywhere near functional. But whatever you feel your abilities are, and whatever you feel you are experiencing, it is in your best interests to let it grow and flourish. Don’t “make it”, because that will twist you and make you misinterpret things, but let it. Let your awareness move right up along side your normal daily experience. We share one world, and I do talk of things that we are all connected to even if we are not all at that stage yet.

Telepathy can be challenging when it first begins, like empathy also. It usually starts with empathy. Feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Feeling someone’s anxiety like it was coffee jitters. Feeling someone’s anger like it was an upset stomach.

Because it can be so difficult to tell what is yourself and what is other. It takes a bit to center in all the stimulation. For me, I let the pressure of those energies center me, but first I let it “drown” me. Not on purpose, I promise. It would just flood my mind, then I began to “swim”, feel myself in this mess of energy. The foreign passes with the change of its source, and the other persons mood always changes. With a little twist of your internal presence, you can even smooth out some turbulence. They feel better if you do anyway. Who doesn’t want clarity of mind?

Nowadays, it’s not usually an issue unless it is directed at me in some way or toward something I have come to represent or symbolize in the other mind. You have become accustomed to it. So though you can notice whatever you need to notice, it doesn’t distract you anymore.

It can still be rough at times. Especially if you are around unstable people. Some people just never seem to settle inside. It is a mystery to me.

Maybe some people need help to settle inside? It could be that they are afraid to ask for help to do that. I have helped people like that before. There are those who genuinely want to get settled, and do need help. Usually they take to the guidance really quickly, but it’s like swimming. You can’t rescue a drowning person if they fight you. They have to go with you. While they keep kicking in their mind they do harm to themselves and maybe even you, but you can do something else. If it is an extreme solution and if you are confident of your skills, you can wait till they hit an exhausted state, then pull them in.

I compare it to being in a fog, and then one who helps you clears away the fog. It can be like bringing a fog light, but if they run from that light then they run right back into the fog. Some lights are focused in such a way that they do cut the obscurity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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