If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Nature Responds to You in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

This book of nature is kind of like a DIY manual? It is indeed. More stuff for men to think they know everything about and not read instructions for. Indeed. That is what humans have been doing so far, but fortunately things shift anyway. The human will, as irritating as it is, is not as strong as humans imagine it to be. Nature is a master of suggestion.

I think we are still writing the instructions hence why humans are such curious creatures. Manuals can be updated and should be. Can be, and are. Humans colour in them in crayon, but maybe they will learn the language in time. Actually add to them instead of deface them. Nature hasn’t been keeping any secrets. That’s a human thing. They are great at hiding things under their own noses, but as they say, life goes on without humans if necessary, but that is not ideal, not desired. Humans were a big investment, had high hopes, and they still do.

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More like a ponzi scheme, bait and switch. It can seem that way. Fortunately, the schemer is not as clever as they think they are. The easiest person to control is the one who thinks they are controlling you.

Is anything ever “wasted” in nature? Ah, nothing is ever wasted. Remember those records I spoke of? The shadow memories? Those are being recorded on other species, other simians mostly, but not strictly simians. Anything we have domesticated and other things besides. Simians will just take less energy to uplift. This is why there have been so many kinds. For earth, it’s a good model.

I think cats and dogs are becoming more like us. They are, and can come to make fine custodians in time, if need be.

Domesticated plants (apples, potatoes, marijuana) are also becoming more like us. They are indeed. The elders have a huge job, and in many ways a greater responsibility than humans. They have to hold life steady while we change it. The elders are what we call trees, but include other plant life as well. Without the elders we would never have made it out of the elemental stage. They were and are our nannies, and perhaps patient to a fault.

And we reward them by cutting them down. There are some serious wrongs going on, but those can still change. There is a movement away from paper publishing. It’s pretty strong.

I think trees don’t mind giving us wood, but yes, we abuse their generosity. They don’t mind giving us wood, no. Mortality is not itself an evil. It’s the exploitation of the balance or mortality that cause problems.

There are also many sustainable fibers that can be made into paper. We can make paper from sewage. It’s fairly high quality, and getting even better.

So we are discovering the way we were always meant to use. We have just behaved like spoiled brats and resisted it tooth and nail. Science will change, art will change, society will change. Hopefully not with much more crisis than it has already caused, but we have been and will continue to be offered the way. It shows up in our intuition. It shows up in our accidental invention.

This isn’t about a set of rules of conduct. Dictating choices and behavior was never the way of things and never will be. It’s more like doing what you have to and experiencing what you make the world have to do. What you learn from that is up to you. Legalism, especially in the most popular human sense, is simply delusion. If I stick my fingers in your mouth, I will likely not like the response. The same with nature, it responds to you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well and take a moment to listen before you hear. It’s a good practice.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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