'Book of Nature' Chapter

Book of Nature

Nature is structured like an entire symphony of music, harmony and counterpoint, depth and multiple simultaneous variations. This communication is not limited to what we typically consider living things. The earth sings, and the animals perceive this and incorporate it into their own communication. The elements shaped our DNA. The birds sing with the sky, the whales sing with the sea, and between them they share a song of the stars, solar flares and tidal flux. These speak here on earth also. There is no incoherence with any of this communication. It’s not accidental.

The ultimate purpose for this messaging system is to facilitate further symbiogenesis. Organisms evolve by adapting to live with each other and cooperate for their mutual prosperity. The signals serve as the ambassadors across the organism border.

“Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.” George Washington Carver (Chemist and Educator, 1864-1943)

“A man is related to all nature.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

Aware You’re Awake

Book of Nature. This is going to be a bit more ambitious a topic than I usually attempt. We tend to take our perception of the world and the people in it for granted. We are pretty confident that we… Seek More

Before Speech

How do you know you are about to speak? A sense of an internal anticipation. A force of sorts. You formulate an idea or communication and decide to verbalize it, all in a split second. Usually the words are mental… Seek More

It’s All Music

If you just listen to sounds in the environment, you won’t be able to make sense of the information being exchanged around you. Again human thinking gets in the way. You think everything you hear is “just sound”, but every… Seek More

Every Event is Cooperative

The elements themselves speak. Besides recording the energy impressed on them by passing events, the energies they embody and express, impress themselves on the “living” things around you. Light shaped the eye, eyes don’t shape light. Sound shaped the ear,… Seek More

Nature Responds to You

This book of nature is kind of like a DIY manual? It is indeed. More stuff for men to think they know everything about and not read instructions for. Indeed. That is what humans have been doing so far, but… Seek More

What is Nature?

Today’s subject of Nature is sort of an extension of the previous class on reading from the book of nature. I will focus more on the meaning behind it all and what it might mean if one strengthened their ability… Seek More

Force Behind Emergence

The reason there is so much diversity in life is that the primary energy or force behind the process of emergence contains more patterns of expression than can be expressed in any single instance. Life functioning as a vast multi-organism, each life… Seek More

Spirit is Emergence

Shall we bring this back down to earth? The process I describe on the cosmic level plays out on earth, although in miniature. Our earth behaves like a germ or seed cell of the larger process. The threads of the… Seek More

Spirit Storm

The behaviour of the spirit plays out in our world like a storm over the sea. The spirit moves in waves or storm fronts over our world, touching on each and every thing, and manifesting differently in outcomes perhaps much… Seek More

Infect Reality

The stream or thread of spirit activity in the earth is coherent and intelligible. It can be read in bird and whale song, in plate tectonic shifts, in lightning storm activity. Such coherence makes science possible. Exactly. Why it seems… Seek More