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Before Speech in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

How do you know you are about to speak?

A sense of an internal anticipation. A force of sorts.

You formulate an idea or communication and decide to verbalize it, all in a split second.

Usually the words are mental first.

Your intention to speak starts before you begin to anticipate expressing any of your mental content. The words start before your thinking does. Ever notice how routine most of your daily comments are? Your speech is so habitual not because your mind is just a broken record, but because your body has a need to speak, and it doesn’t actually care what is said.

A Buddhist teacher described the formation of a thought as being able to feel a bubble rise. You don’t know what it is until it surfaces and sometimes it dissipates before it surfaces. Well, this before thought stage of speech is the point at which you can access the awareness that would manifest as bird song or other animal sounds in the creatures around you.

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This reminds me of the Stroop effect. My dad often loves to pull out a card of words written in certain colours. People automatically blurt out the text colour name, rather than reading the actual word written. Like the word blue written in yellow text. They’ll read it aloud as “yellow.” Yes. They orient on sight before language, but the same process that lets you articulate anything you say with feeling, also contains the impulses that give rise to a dog bark or whale moan. You can’t vocalize these sounds but your mind still understands them.

Can we communicate with them, as well, at this before thought stage? Yes, if you pause in this before speech stage, and listen.

Sort of like the sounds you make when you are in pain, physical or emotional. Indeed. It’s not really unnatural for us, but if you hold your attention at this before speech stage, you can sort of mime communications to any other species.

How do we orient in this stage? Is there a particular sense to focus on? You focus on your breath and heart rate. This is why cats and dogs focus so intently on these things. They understand your tone and intent. They even understand your body language and telegraphed emotion in the context of the environment you are in. You gesture even before you think you have gestured.

The animals know what is coming next from us before we do? They do, and for them, the idea that you haven’t already expressed yourself is unintelligible. They don’t have that delay. They haven’t invented the mental habits we call “language.” Their filter for anything is thinner, more natural. Humans thicken theirs with their preferred habits and obsessive opinions. We train ourselves to build up the “wall” and usually think it’s because that is how we can tolerate other humans. That wall building is scar tissue. What happens when the heart develops too much scar tissue?

It no longer functions properly, health issues. It weakens to the point it can even eventually cease functioning. The same happens to human minds, but energy systems are resilient things especially if we avail ourselves of the natural flow around us.

But the brain can remap around damaged areas. We can regenerate much more fully than humans conventionally imagine, that’s true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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