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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

It’s All Music in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

If you just listen to sounds in the environment, you won’t be able to make sense of the information being exchanged around you. Again human thinking gets in the way. You think everything you hear is “just sound”, but every sound you hear from every other organism is structured in the same way any sound out of your own mouth is. The information being exchanged isn’t in what you think of as the individual sounds. There is a pattern created by each call, cry and song. The world around you is communicating with itself much more clearly than any streaming text humans might choose to display.

I think we perceive music on this basic level as well, pure emotion. Indeed. This is why music has such a deep tie with magick… heart beat and breath. Foot falls and sunlight through the branches, through the leaves, it’s all music and everything is listening to it, responding to it, dancing with it. Habitual thought covers all this up.

I think nature is structured a bit like a line of music. Nature is structured like an entire symphony of music, harmony and counterpoint, depth and multiple simultaneous variations.

Like how a cinematographer can create a mood through images. We substitute cartoons for fully immersive cinema, for lack of a better comparison.

I would always pay attention to the imagery or melody first, and the words second. I thought everyone did, but some people listen to the words first. I listen to the words. It helps me ground myself in the human experience.

Now this communication is not limited to what we typically consider living things. The earth sings, and the animals perceive this and incorporate it into their own communication. Black noise they call it. The deep earth plates are constantly groaning and vibrating, though usually this is just sort of soothing. The earth sounds provide a background tone that help carry the more complex exchanges, but when there is a spike in these sounds, it’s quite disturbing.

Might be magnetic as well. Ah, the magnetic hum is shared between the earth and sky.

Is that how animals know an earthquake will happen? The sound of the plates changes? It is how they know, yes, that and the sound of the ionosphere changes. Sound and sight. Nature has its own constant light show. They can see physical states strobing in the background of this “illumination”, for lack of a better word. Birds follow the lights as they move over long distances, as do fish.

Is why most animals have some sort of vocal call that carries through their surroundings, like chimps or wolves. Well, everything either does so directly or follows the cues of something else that does so.

The shamans go through an ordeal of some sort to commune with nature? Pushing ourselves to the edge breaks down our thinking and we better focus on this stage, breath and heartbeat? Exactly. This is why they engage in what might otherwise seem like such strange behaviour. They are actually defeating the human pattern and stopping strange behaviour.

Now this light that immuninates changes of state in matter I spoke of? Subtle material shifts? Well, have you heard of what happens in the immediate blast radius of a nuclear weapon to vaporize objects like human bodies?

The shadows? Yes. It doesn’t take anything that extreme though. Nature records those shadows, but in much more detail and variation. The natural world keeps a history, and the animals around you perceive and respond to this history.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

“And I have felt, A presence that disturbs me with the joy, Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime, Of something far more deeply interfused, Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, And the round ocean and the living air…” Wordsworth

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