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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Every Event is Cooperative in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

The elements themselves speak. Besides recording the energy impressed on them by passing events, the energies they embody and express, impress themselves on the “living” things around you.

Light shaped the eye, eyes don’t shape light. Sound shaped the ear, your ear is the mouth of the sky. The elements run all around you and through you. They don’t give you life, they are life, and they move with whole sections of the animal and plant world.

We evolved the way the elements told us to? Yes, exactly. The elements shaped our DNA. The birds sing with the sky, the whales sing with the sea, and between them they share a song of the stars, solar flares and tidal flux. These speak here on earth also. The krill move with these forces. There is no incoherence with any of this communication. It’s not accidental. Humans believe in accidents, perhaps because they form ideas of intention that disregard most of what’s going on around them, like a child sticking their fingers in their ears and saying, “Nananananana! I don’t hear you!” Nature ignores this mostly, tries to work around the belligerence, but sometimes it can’t.

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Every event that happens is cooperative. You walk somewhere because the planets gravity lets you. You become aware of something because the planet’s atmosphere lets you and feeds you the energy to keep up that activity that you consider your consciousness. Air lets you stay awake.

Is it true that the earth moves a little to meet your step? Just as you move your legs? That would be hard to say, because the question itself tries to fit events into a human perspective. I would say yes it does, even if it would not seem literally true.

When you jump the world jumps a little to catch you like a giant water bed. They do say mass of any kind does exert some measure of gravity on any other mass, so there is likely a very minute amount of jiggle.

Let’s all jump at the same time. It would be literally impossible because you need help to jump, and not everything that would help you agrees perfectly with every other thing involved.

The Japan quakes knocked the earth a little bit into a slightly different axis. The earth can move, has moved before and will move in the future. It is natural.

Every organism, that we think of as part of our body, has ancestors that originated outside of our body, and these organisms keep their kinship with each other. At the deepest levels of nature, you still have communication. Where on the macroscopic level you have what appear to be events, objects moving around and interacting with other objects, on the microscopic level nature acts more like a brain. It sends material messages through its circulatory system, each message affecting the specialized parts of itself that are meant to respond to that signal. We call these messages viruses, proteins, prions, mineral contamination.

“That are evolved to respond to that signal…”? Ah, humans can only be infected by viruses that share a genetic relationship to the human genome. The things that infect us are also part human, and I dare say act rather human. The ultimate purpose for this messaging system is to facilitate further symbiogenesis. Organisms evolve by adapting to live with each other and cooperate for their mutual prosperity. The signals serve as the ambassadors across the organism border. Human species memory has been modified and will continue to be modified in this way. This first manifests in the weird dreams people tend to have when “sick.” The new information shows up in the collective unconscious first. Humans start displaying awareness of new things and ideas without actually knowing why.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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