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Meditation is intimacy with self. You are stopping and opening your awarness to “death” in the moment.

Your Body before Your Body in Soul

Soul Force

There has been recent research making a big stir because it did not resort to not standard protocols. It conformed to all accepted methods and applied all respected criteria, and it has found that people can anticipate future events.

They have set up a priming protocol. Priming is the practice of showing you something subliminally. What that does is set your mind up to identify everything that fits in the same category as the primed information. If they flash the word ‘good’ at you, then ask you to classify pictures from a pre-selected set and determine which are good, you will do so more quickly and easily then if you began the task in a neutral state without preparation.

Sounds scarily easy. Well, in the case of this experiment, they set up the priming protocol but didn’t show it until after the test run. Long story short, a significant portion of the test subjects behaved on the test as if they had been primed in advance. Their brains knew they were going to experience that stimuli, perhaps not unlike how brains respond to a decision before we are consciously aware of having made it.

So, we are pre-disposed to a perception? No. You are omni-disposed. What they typically consider to be neural noise, though many even strictly orthodox thinkers are beginning to think otherwise, is actually just as much thought as your conventional thought is. You don’t think in a linear way. You only perceive that way. Your thoughts register all possible perceptions possible. Each neuron’s reacting according to it’s own personal dynamic. In the space of your own brain you have not a single brain, but many, and readily identifiable even to those who stay in the shallow side of the pool. They are two different brains.

Each human being is a locus of a dynamic process. The singularity in a complex of forces extending well beyond any specific body. You had a body before you had a body.

The very physical dynamics, that would lead to the formation of your body as you know it now, existed well before the event that is your physical existence emerged. Each of these elements was moved by a set of patterns on the same vectors that now sustain your continued existence. The locus that would bring your body into being has its own existence in the fundamental fabric of reality. You are a force of nature, a mathematical necessity, and with the distinct elements, the particles and molecules, came a load of information, a field of consciousness. You are a figment of your own imagination. That force that gave rise to your physical form is the same force that now expresses that information and structure of your current consciousness.

Well, am “I” the conductor of the symphony orchestra? Or the music that it plays? Or the idea in the mind of the composer? Or what? Agency is an even more complicated matter. You are not engineering your own physical existence and experience. It’s not something you artificially create. You are it. Events themselves, including your physical body, are just the effect of an ongoing cause, dynamic process. To have engineering you have to have a means that works toward an end.

Determined, then? Not at all determined. The future as we typically understand it doesn’t exist. It’s a manifold locus, a centre of awareness. It goes beyond the observer effect. The observer effect is linear, a single channel or vector of this beings existence. Like the vortex that can form on the surface of the sun, one set of dynamics in an even more diverse array of the same general class of being. This doesn’t address agency or intention.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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