'Soul' Chapter

Soul Force

You are feeling beings. Every neuron is a feeling neuron. The human role in the life field is more complex than the role of neurons in our brains. They are simple organisms and I am grateful for their role and cooperating in our work, but we are meant to be more coherent than this and much more mobile than this, but like neurons, we can only move according to the life processes or inherent principles of the cell body.

Your tendencies are your reality, and the tendencies of the world around you are your tendencies. Your eyes have a tendency to see light, and light has a tendency to emerge as eyes. You can’t just up and shift any tendency at a whim. Your life changes only holistically, not in parts. Satori or nothing. The thing is you are always having satori.

Each Part of Your Being

Today’s topic is a bit challenging, so I apologize in advance should I step on anyone’s toes. Such is not my intention.┬áToday we are discussing the soul force. So much seems transitory in life, even in our experience of ourselves;… Seek More

Your Body before Your Body

There has been recent research making a big stir because it did not resort to not standard protocols. It conformed to all accepted methods and applied all respected criteria, and it has found that people can anticipate future events. They… Seek More

Life Imitates Art

Why do we seek agency? Why do we form intentions? Why do we want to have our say? Something needs a locus? Something needs attenuation, made manifest, coherent. We exist to make sense of ourselves, to make information of ourselves.… Seek More

Healing the Gap

Has your life not been largely defined by the vacuum created by the errors of your parents? The dereliction of meaning? BULLSEYE! You are not fixing your parents, you are healing the gap. I hope that the gap is healing,… Seek More

Satori or Nothing

Shall we get personal? Sorry I got so out there in the cosmos. I would prefer the world not become a cancer. You are feeling beings. Every neuron is a feeling neuron. In the early stages of the bodies development,… Seek More

I Am That

As far as controlling your own personal soul, neurons that fire together wire together. Check those moments, and understand that “I am that.” Your problems? I am that. Your happy moments? I am that. Your successes and failures? I am… Seek More

How You Heal

So how do you heal? That’s how you would solve all problems. Does point by point analysis make you heal? Does knowing every little detail of what that cut on your hand looks like make you heal? No. It can… Seek More