Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

Each Part of Your Being in Soul

Soul Force

Today’s topic is a bit challenging, so I apologize in advance should I step on anyone’s toes. Such is not my intention. Today we are discussing the soul force.

So much seems transitory in life, even in our experience of ourselves; our youth, our mood, our health. This is so much a rule of our existence that it can be hard to feel secure in any way, to convince ourselves that it all has any enduring meaning. We appear not so much to be single beings, we are legions.

They are even pushing the idea in science that your subjective experience is pretty much just an illusion of various chemical processes that govern the function of the meat machine that they say we are. Even still, they haven’t come close to figuring out why all this matter organizes in this way, why so many things are so very variable. The theory that we lack free will has even recently been shot full of holes, as they have discovered that people with little training can control the firing of even single neurons in their brains. They just had to have objective feedback, something to anchor their understanding on. That’s one of the things I try to do in these classes. I don’t try to spread my own philosophy so much as to support an understanding of those things that we can and do use to structure our experience of life, and thereby shape ourselves and our experience of the world. So today I will offer perhaps the strangest model I have.

Space is not smooth, not seamless, and for the sake of today’s talk I am referring to the space you define as you; your body and brain. Each part of your body is it’s own process, self contained and capable of functioning even if it were to be removed from your body, literally every little organic part. But even beneath the organic, the elements that make up the basic building blocks of any one of these cells are themselves processes. This is what governs their tendency to bond with specific other particles, and each particle in these molecules was part of and remains effected by matter we consider to be outside of ourselves. We are even ingesting matter constantly, not just through eating but through respiration, even through absorption of particle emissions.

Science has found that even quantum effects can alter things like our sense of smell and our perception of colour in our environment. These effects transcend even the concept of particulate matter. Waves, fields of force, restricted only by the tendency of energy to be converted in state, phase or form. What keeps all this space that we are in the coherent shape it’s in?

Does matter have memory then? In the way that our muscles do? Yes, matter does have memory. They call that quantum entanglement, but even our cells have memory.

They have found that when they cut off the head of a flatworm, not only can it regenerate it’s own head, but with only a moments re-stimulation it recovers the memories it would have supposedly lost as well. This is frontier science of course. Though the science is sound, they will still be arguing over ‘why’ quite vehemently.

But is it the same worm after the procedure? Not directly, but the creature continues to behave in the trained way. Close enough is it not?

Is this inertia? Momentum? You have hit on it exactly. Our being is not defined by modular time space. Each unit of time space, which is equivalent to a unit of mass, serves as one vector in a collective pattern of influence, creating (for lack of a better term) a hyper space bubble. It’s localized in that it does have an event horizon, but not in that it is confined by space as we know it. So each part of your being moves and operates in the gravity well of this hyper space bubble.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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