We are, each of us, worthy. Equally worthy. We all exist because nature wanted a “you”.

Your Thoughts are a Space in Blue Magick

Applied Blue Magick

Shall I go over the line a bit before we conclude?

Would you say you find my talks fascinating?

Yes. Do you know why you do?

It’s different than how I think. Is it the same as any of the friends you know think?

Nope. The same as anyone you like or admire thinks?

Well, I like and admire you, so yes.

A little like my dharma teacher, a crazy wisdom teacher. Self similarity is good.

So do I hit the right social cues? Make you feel good? Like part of the group?

Yes. Try to get you to sign on to the shared identity?

Yes. How so? Because honestly, I just engage in stream of consciousness thought, so if anything you are leading me. You ask questions and want our input. I am signing on to your identity?

Ah, we’re being rewired.

I think we are leading you to continue with your thought. Isn’t that the reverse of leadership of charismatic behaviour?

I think we sign on to your identity during class.

Can you say you know what I want you to be?

You want us to understand.

To be ourselves.

To understand me?

What you are saying.

I will offer another explanation. I use opportunities to communicate as an echo chamber. My train of thought tends to flow in some very strange ways, no?

I flow though the organizing space created by these classes. It isn’t my space. I am not shaping it. I’m more like the mime in the box moving through it and through my behaviour demonstrating that the space is there. The space is there in your head. You let me in. Of course, I know where to find the door, and I do know some passwords. They are my passwords also, but do I really leave ideas in your head?

You expose us to ideas we wouldn’t normally have. I expose you to the potential to have ideas you wouldn’t normally have, but those ideas belong to who really? Are they mine?

You do leave ideas in my head. What is that like? Are there ideas in your head that belong to you?

Yes. A few classes ago you were talking about gaps in reality and to watch for them, and I’ve been looking. Seen any?

I think I thought I almost did. You did. That is why you are uncertain.

My point is, your thoughts are a space. For me, your mind is just a living room. I sometimes find you in it. You two specifically quite frequently. If I leave an idea in your head, it’s unintentional. I don’t mean to. I have no idea what you will find interesting or what won’t matter at all. It’s all just activity to me, like using the restroom in a friends house, or taking a nap in a trusted friends place.

We don’t either until you share it with us.

Some things stick and I see things differently after.

I do suspect they will. For Sally, and tell me if I’m wrong, the things that stick are all about questioning perception. Anything that adds a little more fun house to your mind.

That’s fair to say.

I find it hard to remember what we have talked about before, until the idea comes up again. And for Dick, the things that stick are about personal volition, personal power and self control, perhaps. Is this mistaken? Go ahead, I can take it.

It’s possible. I just hadn’t thought about it that way.

I see a workshop/locker room when I open mentally to Dick, and I see a curios shop, back stage of a theatre when I open mentally to Sally. I see office spaces and tech schematics when I open mentally to my wife. Just my prejudices? Just my personal opinions?

Those are good descriptions of our personalities.

Do you not work with an orientation toward space Dick? I do. Tools and utility? Sure. Anything else more primary?

Well, I am here because I think the things you talk about might be useful to me.

I don’t think so, but I don’t know. Sally wants to see the sense of things, the rhyme and reason. She doesn’t expect things to be justified. She just wants to feel like it feels like something, wants to feel the true life behind any event, the story. Is this vague?

Yes, I want to get it. Even if that means moving on and leaving it alone after.

Yes. It’s not as interesting after, new things to explore. This isn’t how Dick thinks I suspect. For him, things have to have a point.¬†Well, just as genes can be shared between bacteria, mental content can be shared between people, but it doesn’t work by just talking.

I think the concepts could be combined and synergized into a successful project, and therefore have value to me. Yes, don’t waste building material. My wife thinks like that also in part. As much as I think there is nonsense in the things I say, she doesn’t want to waste data, doesn’t want to lose an insight.

So, just to wrap up, I feel like I can maybe get a sense of what impact I had without getting into trouble. Do you feel you choose your beliefs?

I thought so, but I think you will say we don’t. No, it’s possible you do. I may be an odd ball here.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well, believe freely rather than reactively.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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