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Entanglement in Synergy


Synergy is not so much something to attain, as it’s a literal fact. Synergy is when two or more things act as a greater whole than the identifiable parts, and “life” is synergy on a grand scale. Where people get confused is when they assume synergy is only when things are operating in harmony. Everything acts on or interferes with everything else, stimulus and response, cause and effect. Nothing is a closed system.

Greater then the whole even with disharmony? Yes. Ones problems are never “all your fault”. This is part of why fault finding is such a colossal waste of time.

Quantum entanglement on a large scale? Macroscopic quantum entanglement. Higher order reality still functions as a whole and in discreet “whole” units, at least if you hope to preserve the proper order that lets life continue.

In Taoism, they say that which goes against the Tao cannot stand. What is this Tao that serves as a measure of how enduring something can be? It’s been said many ways. Tao is the natural way. Tao is synergy itself. They say that the Tao that can be named is not the true Tao. Which is true, because we can only name objects. The Tao is the synergy between all objects in existence and all potentials that might ever exist. How could that be named in an appropriate way or made into an objective idea? But just because the Tao cannot be named, doesn’t mean it cannot be perceived. It was a hallmark of the Sages and Taoist Sorcerers. They could bring an event to pass well before anyone anticipated it could even happen, because they saw it in the Tao early and chose their actions to play into that line of cause and effect.

To reference a different culture, the word for magician in India was Mayin. Mayin roughly would translate to illusionist, but it didn’t mean their workings were unreal as modern western thinkers would judge unreality. It was a reference to men and women who had an understanding of the way of Maya, and would take actions with the full knowledge of what effect they would have on the dynamic process that is Maya. The great hologram that in all its parts reflects Brahman, the all encompassing.

Maya = Tao? Actually, Maya is the event horizon of the Tao. It’s the event horizon where Tao is the potential for all events. An example of Tao is music. The space between beats creates the form of the music, the notes are secondary. The space between notes creates the flow of the song, the actual tones are secondary. This is perhaps why they say hindsight is 20/20. We understand the meaning only with the fullness of the process/progress. Well, most of the time.

Now here is the greater mystery. The esoteric face of that perhaps very mundane observation. The dynamic that manifests in events is seen in pre-existing essence, biology and psychology. Potential energy in all its forms. But even deeper than this front line energy between your biology and psychology and all other potential energies, there is an exchange. There is no such thing as “your energy”. You always get it from somewhere and your intention/free will sets the pattern for that energy influx.

We create a template that the energy comes through and into us? This could perhaps be called your soul. It is the protoform potential for all ideas/actions/karma that will ever manifest, and it has at its very root the “awareness”, the observer, the I.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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