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Any experience you have that does not bring you peace, you failed to accept. To the degree you feel removed from a peaceful state, you have a list of rejections.

In The Web in Darkness


I got my start as a teacher and was very doubtful of the worth of my contribution, but I was asked so I did. Reflecting, it’s still a mystery why.

A lot of people need to understand the spiritual part of their lives. Many people have no spiritual life. Teachers are needed.

I had begun doing my thing there, because I had been asked. I ended there, because I hadn’t been asked. This seem unwise? So as far as things go, I do my work here and I will continue as my wife is the spirit driving it. I move with her heart. Otherwise, I see the people. I see the people and I see my work, and my work is not of the people. I still wonder why I am asked. Have I shown no wisdom even in this my abandoned state?

You should not worry about any judgments that I might make. I attempt always to be non-judgemental. I don’t worry. Worry proves fruitless in all cases. I seek to observe opinions.

Impacting a person spiritually is like slapping them in the face. Rarely will they thank you for it. Don’t look for thanks. Only look within. I guess what drives me is that I am likewise slapped in the face. You have expressed satisfaction at the conversation, or not.

You can only nudge people. Get them to consider what you are talking about. Then they must act. Funny. I have issues with touching and even close physical proximity of most people. Just one of my silly foibles. I don’t like “nudging”, not in any sense of the word.

Prompting? Urging? Oh, for me that’s reactionary.

Well, what do you do then? I respond or I don’t respond, as expectation moves.

When I open a dialogue with another, I feel the flow of their communication. I get quite lost without the dialogue. Not lost in the world, but lost in connection with them. The world dialogue is constant, but when a dialogue opens between me and another human being, I can share the world dialogue with them. It wants this. They want this, at least sometimes. It’s like something in their being asks a question and the world responds as I listen to it, but very often they aren’t in the state of question.

You are channelling? I have read of channelling, and from what I understand of it no, I am not. I “live in” the world dialogue rather than something communicating through me. Pardon the egotism, I understand “selfing” can be very dry at best.

But to me there is verbal convolution. It’s difficult to see the point sometimes. Ok, I can explain. Light is a communication. Sound is a communication. All the senses communicate and there are implied forms even between the senses, between sight and sound, say.

Say I drop a pebble in a pond. It creates a sound that communicates to the air, but it creates a parallel force or impact that creates ripples in the water. These are not the same identical effect, but they share the cause of the pebble dropping into the water. All energies and events are like this pebble. Everything seen, everything heard, and the ripples they create interact with each other creating “new patterns.” A thread of activity which is a language in itself.

A complex web? Yes. Complex and intelligible, and my natural center.

Having a vibrating consciousness? Yes. I see the contradictions between the web and human communications.

Your natural center is where? My natural center is in the web of activity/communication. Human communication is part of this, but for some reason unintelligible to me, it’s dissonant, discordant, contradictory. This made acquiring spoken word hard, because the word didn’t correspond to the ripples, the “meaning”, so it just didn’t make sense. I shift out of the ability to even articulate text when I am forced to revert to center.

Spoken meaning did not make sense? That coming from people, but… that from the web? The contradiction between spoken word and human action, and between human intention and human reaction, and between human feeling and human perceptual scanning. Human perception creates patterns in regions that aren’t prepared to respond to the intention. Like asking you a question that is totally out of context to our conversation and irrelevant to any meaning of the moment.

There is a response from the web. It’s all too common. It “disagrees” with people, seems to give a crazy response to their intentions, and makes people come to conclusions that are by no means justified. Sometimes I just try to keep it all out of my head.

Young people create less disagreement until they are drawn into the adult “argument.” They get traumatized into staying in it for perhaps the rest of their lives, and their lives go exactly as they thought they would because they have “inherited the sins of the fathers.” Where do they have any guidance? Any option for deconstructing the argument?

People want very badly to believe in their pain.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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