'Darkness' Chapter


I don’t scare me. Fear is in the eye of the beholder. In fact always is. We have only two instinctive fears, falling and loud noises. Everything else we make up. What are our options? Both confinement and freedom. It is why people fail to find freedom, they think they won’t have any limitations.

When all turns to ashes you realize ashes feed growth. It’s a burning world, but we each burn at different rates. The spirit is as a phoenix, and for all the burning it is not and cannot be destroyed.

“In the real dark night of the soul it is always three o’ clock in the morning, day after day.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

Inner Deaths

Inner deaths. Those little changes that represent a growth period, but do end a facet of your existence. When it feels like an iron door has slammed shut, but was it really “abandon all hope ye who enter here”? For… Seek More

Spiritual Pain

You choose the pain because you choose the role. Pain is better then numb, if it hurts it can stop. If it’s doing nothing … The great way or “will of God” (to use metaphor) is not a nebulous void.… Seek More


Lately I am dealing with a severe case of ennui. Existential boredom. How can that be? So much knowledge to learn? The disciplines of the mind reduce to exercising human perception. This is starkly limited and easily exhausted. From basic… Seek More

Consciousness is the Order

The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake would seem to be gratifying, but the presence of the implicate order in any field of knowledge is readily evident. All existence is limited or else it would be present solely as… Seek More

Our Dark Side

There is a dark side to may popular attitudes that people deny, and in fact everything we think and do is symbolic. Even with the more “normal” types. Some say suicide is by no means symbolic, but indeed it is.… Seek More

Getting over Tragedy

Do people get over tragedies or do they just move on? The idea you forgive and forget is a lie, and an injurious one. You can forgive and let go, but the delusion that you can forget makes people feel… Seek More

Do the Opposite

The shamans knew about the full mind. Do everything counter to the way that everybody else did. This is the path of the Heyoka. Sacred clown. They support their tribe by showing them how things are undone, keeping them alert.… Seek More

Power Beyond Measure

What it would be like if I could do anything? The wizard is eventually revealed as a silly little man behind a curtain. He still had the power, and magic is everywhere. Martin Luther King was really just upset that… Seek More


We heal by knowing why we are where we are, and maybe discovering how that can change. For all our pursuit of light, we still fall into darkness. It is a part of the cycle. The right hand is strong.… Seek More


Have you considered what you will do at transition? Some people think that it works one way. Spirit communicating with incarnated. It isn’t that neat, not that orderly, and some put forth the idea that anything in human incarnation is… Seek More