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There isn’t a war. There is no war in spirit. There are those who are the agents of spirits wrath, and those who are the supporters of spirits peace, and they are not divided.

Dark Paths in Darkness


What would you say about someone who has killed a couple of hundred people, and accepts that, sleeping soundly knowing that only the dark part of his soul enables that same sleep? Is the soldier a criminal for having killed? Is someone who sees the world darkly an enemy for that view alone? I would offer that his path is rare, but not of necessity lonely. He could perhaps find some insight, if limited, in the philosophy of Bushido. Which is in fact about life and not death. I extend my study of the “warrior” philosophers beyond Japanese origin though. India for all its seeming pacifism has an extensive martial history.

The blade that cuts flesh inevitably cuts it’s wielders soul. This is true of surgeons also. In the rites of blood it has always been thus, blood stains or washes clean.

Is it wrong to be raped, or should one die to save ones “virtue”? The paths that practice mortification of the flesh might offer insight. Ones virtue can not be defiled by an assault on the flesh alone.  Any adjective is an attempt to fit a square peg.

Tantra is a left hand path, and some gurus are ill suited for that path. Tantra is a path of experience. It is not that of a monk. There is no withdrawal, but in the left hand way you embrace the way. You act and accept consequences, and you respect their right to act. If one is living the left hand path, the dark road, they would not claim righteousness nor anger. Tantra has great “ashe” to use the voodoo term.

Light shines most clearly in darkness. In Hinduism and Taoism there were “dark” saints. Those who took the left hand path. That dark path is no deviation from sanctity. In Taoism they say that which goes against the tao, or the one life if you would rather, cannot endure. The slayer who thinks he slays is slain. The way of sin is self exhausting.

Define sin? Degree of deviation from center. Moving from self to object. Can anyone name a destructive behaviour that isn’t inspired by objectifying others? By being “objective”?

Do you agree that concept of original sin is a premise that was basically devised as a means to control Catholicism? Yes, that I would agree with.

I like burning. :twisted: You burn to keep your blood warm, you burn to move oxygen, you burn to create fresh tissue. Burning for the human sake is usually that, but we can gain power in ways other then burn fossil fuels. We can improve ourselves, but we insult others instead and even say we “burned” them. I prefer the way of fire, it’s pure. It’s humanity that is the poison.

It is possible to experience the state as opposite ends of a spectrum, extreme focus and during extreme violence. But same result. The violence has a residual effect that comes later, uses up resources. The burnout is hard to manage. There is another way regarding scars. In those cultures that practice ritual scarification, it isn’t about embracing and keeping pain. It’s about moving beyond. They can serve that purpose.

The path takes only the time you need it to take.  It’s not a competitive path, nor is it something someone can give you. Even one persons path will vary in how fast it moves. The best searching will be done alone even in a marketplace of teachers, because they can’t sell you your own soul. When you see your own path clearly then you see life differently.

Individuals need to find their own truths.  Yet I would add we share life, so your truth will be present for me also if only in you. When you find your personal truth you bring it to others, and very likely enhance their life. I don’t believe in privileged truth, truth is what it is. Sounds vaguely like the notion of a collective subconscious? Spirit world, heaven on earth? I like that idea.

We grow by taking risks, and self responsibility is an admirable trait. In this day and age people so often see themselves as nothing more than the product of their treatment, of whatever role or ideal they are supposedly connected to. To brave moving beyond that, even more to brave acting on self knowledge is a form of enlightenment few embrace.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Dark Paths”

  1. JaG

    do you have any insight into spiritual attacks that manifest wounds in the physical? where these boundaries lie, if there are even boundaries and rules or limits, can a person be murdered in such a way from an attack on the astral plane that directly takes effect here on the physical? much like many experience unexplainable wounds, scratchings, gashings, all sorts or unexplainable symptoms coinciding with dreams and meditation and the experiences from within these realms, manifesting and presenting themselves here on the physical…

    • Travis

      Energy is energy if its delivered by physical blow or focused release of “psychic” energy. Those spirits that would lash out like that at humans are generally too unstable and unfocused to do much more than make subtle injuries like superficial scratches or bruises. The same entities that help the recently departed cross over also enforce a peace between “terrestrial” spirits. Astral murders are possible but are seriously limited, if for no other reason they tend to require spiritual resources that most people and things don’t bother to muster. Like the martial art known as dim-mak the effectiveness of such attacks is as much dependant on receptivity/vulnerability as it is on the power to actually deliver such an attack so defense is as easy or easier than the attack.

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