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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Ideas Of Wrong in Darkness


Our Spiritual Darkness class at One World, Many Paths is a bit less formal. It‘s more about being able to share the darker side of our spiritual lives without judgement and maybe receive some support. As usual advice is cheap, so any offered is not meant to offend.

So maybe for a bit of darkness, doubt/insecurity maybe? Ever find that though you have every reason to be confident, you still entertain ideas of what could go wrong?

Yes, my rational mind always has things to add to that argument. Valid or not. So what do we do with this only loosely valid, at best, rational thinking?

I combat it with all the things that can go right. That is a very natural response. Does it work for you?

Most of the time. At least in the new relationship I have. I’ve never met anyone like her so I’m determined to make it work. I know the feeling. I’m married and part of me wonders how it happened, but it’s good and I am committed to doing all I can for our relationship.

One of the things that actually can damage a relationship is reacting fearfully to the idea that someone can “steal” your partner. If they can, then it speaks badly of the relationship as it stands. It has nothing to do with if you are good enough. I know her mind and heart well. She can’t be “stolen.”

The commitment is actually what I’m looking forward to. I’m tired of empty relationships with girls I barely like.

Just remember that you aren’t the one who made them that way, their own reality created that which was in turn created by them. So in other words, you can’t possibly take anything personal if you know that you aren’t the reason they are that way. Very true. Not with any sensibility to your thinking.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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