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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Learn From Experience in Darkness


I recently got in a fight. A fist fight, and realized that the guy who busted my lip and messed up my jaw probably grew up in a terrible environment without love. Actually, even if he did not, whatever motivated him is still about him. Some people rebel even if raised in a loving family. If he had a good life but still lives that way, mores the pity I say.

Whatever it was, he was an angry person and attacked my friends and I unprovoked. Very little of a strictly real nature is ever provoked.

I didn’t dwell and think about how bad I wanted to kill him…..for long. You raise a good point. There isn’t really a timestamp on lessons, as long as you engage them.

All traditions of “war” philosophy say you aren’t at your best for combat if you are in a combative state of mind. You fight better when you aren’t inclined to fight. When you want to fight you will just get hurt.

But when he attacked me I was slightly buzzed on alcohol, so I was certainly not in the best shape to fight anyone. True, and might have thought it out more had you been sober. Maybe even avoid it all together. The best warriors it is said never raise a weapon, not even their fist. It’s in the mind that any challenge is fought. Do you bear him any more ill will?

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Not really, except that he has tried to scare one of my friends since then. Yes. Those people are usually easily scared. Those who engage in scare tactics. What was the nature of the attempted scare?

He drives a massive truck, and has rolled up on my friend a few times and stared him down. Ah, ok. People telegraph their fears. He’s afraid people are siding against him, and well, he’s likely right. Because you and your friends are not likely the only people he has had that sort of encounter with.

If I were the person I used to be, I’d have already found where he lived and done something fucked up. Good you have matured, but if he continues to be a nuisance the finding out where he lives and works might still be in order. Though only to deal with him in a civil manner. They are usually afraid of people who can out think them. Someone who can defeat or “hurt” them without even a fist fight.

We could have filed a police report, but I’m not really into getting the law involved in stuff. Especially since I healed up and moved on so quickly. Then you have decided what’s best for you. This is good. Usually the error people make is not dealing with someone like that, but reactionary behaviour. Poorly thought out retaliation usually harms the one doing it more than the intended.

Since then my friend has been a nervous wreck. Well, even more so than usual. He already has anxiety problems. No disrespect to him, but he could really use a vision of his own power. So perhaps messed up actions are still what he needs. People sometimes need to be stupid. Sometimes they need to do the wrong thing.

God knows I have. Yes, and it is how you got to where you are now. Some people learn differently of course, but a bottom line that applies to everyone is we never learn as well second hand as we do from personal experience. Say a person is “book smart”. Let’s say they even use it. Often times they have other anxieties that they generally don’t learn to handle, because instinctively they know that it isn’t “here” in the flesh and blood world.

In general, I don’t tell people when they do something wrong or when I think something is stupid. Not for any sanctimonious reason. I’m not being “good” to them. The bottom line is I don’t really know what their life is about, or what they need to do or experience for themselves. The most help I can offer is a broader view, and then let them choose, and let myself choose also. You can get too caught up in “wisdom.”

The problem with words is that they force you to feel enlightened. Yes. Words supposedly equate to understanding, though it’s easy to prove otherwise.

Concepts are worthless unless experienced. Concepts can move you to experience though. This is why I like them so much.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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