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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Intense Experience in Darkness


I’m setting myself up for a new experience pretty soon by enlisting in the Navy. And will learn much, though some may say it’s questionable. What in the end isn’t questionable?

Free will. Yes, which is where questions arise from, and answers, and delusion, and the resultant liberation.

I certainly questioned it. I still do, but I know that there are things it offers that I can certainly use. Not just monetarily, but self discipline and experiencing another way of life for a while. It also calls to people from diverse backgrounds.

There is something I say from time to time to anyone I counsel. Everything I tell you is a lie, but what I’m telling you is the truth about lies. Your body is the minds process, but only one of the myriad things it can conceive. But, beware growing up. Growth is good, just don’t loose your center. My Dad was in Vietnam. This broadened his view of life, but twisted it also rather badly.

There is something you will learn about death. People often feel they can be brave in the face of death, that they won’t be moved. I would offer just be open to it. You may genuinely not be afraid of your own death. There is worse to see than your own death. When it looks like anyone and everyone can die, and that they can die for petty reasons, that there is no such thing as heroism, then you recover from there.

If you go with the understanding that it means nothing, you will come back with a great deal of meaning about life. The Spartan women would tell their men, come back carrying your shield or on it. This wasn’t about heroism, just a fact of the reality we call war.

It is my life, and I am capable of making my own decisions. Even though this may seem like a foolish choice, I didn’t arrive at this choice over night. It does not seem foolish. In some things there is no wisdom, nor foolishness.

Just experience. Yes, and you will have the most intense experiences possible in this flesh. Thank you for sharing the reality of your decision to pursue military service. Hopefully you will be able to share some while you are on your tour of duty.

Good luck. I will offer the Norse definition of luck, and they were a warlike people. It’s their word and is where we got it from. Luck was not accident. Luck was a manifestation of spiritual relationships. The outcome of your actions and the intentions of anyone and anything connected to you.

More than fate, not static, not carved in stone. To wish one good luck meant to advise that they be mindful. That they “keep in touch”.

According to the myth, the Norns read the threads of fate and they were ever changing. Indeed, and a disrespect for the play of the threads would make the Norns “fix it.” So having good luck is not making the Norns unsnarl the pattern.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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