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Evil intent differs from evil essence, and it is even addressed in the Bible. There is a poorly understood scripture, but it speaks against “fighting” evil people. If you fight them, it confines you to reacting to them.

Experience of Genuine Love in Reframing Experience

Reframing Experience

Anyone care to share a situation that seems to drain meaning from life? It doesn’t have to be from personal experience or anything.

Well, sometimes the people around me seem very “opinionated.” Having new comers to class that just want to argue.

Turning away from true love to raise my family. I will speak to this example first.

When one regards true love, the experience of genuine love, that’s a wondrous thing. What has inspired more creativity than the heights of love? We stop short, though, in seeing love as something that occurs to us in instances. A rare thing that we get chances at, that is a hit or miss thing.

The love we feel, the love we recognize in others, is not a product of that single person, but an emergence of our own innocence, our own imaginative heart, and we often fail to see the dream of love come true for ourselves. Again, because we entertain the notion that it occurs only in chances, only in situations that we have to earn.

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If we allow that love we feel to remain in our imaginations, to linger in our awareness until the pain of our habitual so called adult thought passes, we will have the experience that all true love is constant, and the only thing that changes is degree of contact. Just as contact can fall off, it can pick back up again, and just as contact with that one special person seemed to add such beauty to our lives, it can continue to do so. We can ask ourselves questions like, “What would our love think of this? What would the one we love do here in this in situation?” And in that way share our lives with this person anyway, but you know me, I like to keep things as practical as I can.

In what way can you better optimize your chances of reuniting with that loved one, or knowing true love with another, than what I have described doing? The more your life runs parallel to a beloved person, the more likely you will encounter them, because their heart will not change any more easily than yours does.

Return to innocence, I guess, because the guilt is chewing me up.¬†Return to innocence and do so with this recognition. Love in the world knows no lines, no splits or separation. You have just the one capacity to love. If you are moved for love of a child to commit to raising them, that is the same love that let you embrace that special adult heart so deeply. Is there any real separation? I once fell in love with someone when I witnessed the deep love she could have for a child she had been separated from. I was overcome with the beauty of that longing to reunite with an innocent. I was misguided though, only in that I didn’t see fully the pain she carried with her, and the pain she would inflict on anyone who she called family as it was a pain she could never release for fear of loosing her sense of connection to her mother who died in her early childhood. My dream met her nightmare. No one ultimately needed to be judged.

I must admit, earlier this evening, I’d reached the point of realizing I’d concluded my only option was to get by whilst I waited for death. That isn’t the only option, and not one you would want to share with your children, I’m certain. Am I wrong?

Certainly not. They have provided experiences I could never have had nor foreseen had I gone the other way. We share our lives with the innocent around us. There is no avoiding this in any way, so we should perhaps give the innocent what we would have wanted for ourselves when we still perceived our own innocence, yes?

In my experience, innocence is easy to forget. Ah, I see. Well, I am going to have to wrap up, but maybe we can return to this topic at a future time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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