'Reframing Experience' Chapter

Reframing Experience

Skills for embracing the liminal self.

The reason we lose our sense of our own innocence, is we interrupt the maturation of imagination. If we first allow ourselves to fully and genuinely return to our original imaginative state, we can experience a perhaps surprising evolution. Rather than getting dangerously away from life, you may perhaps for the first time really begin to get into it.

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Defining Yourself

There is a difference between our experience of any event and our awareness of ourselves as individuals, a space between what we perceive to be happening and what we perceive it to mean. But as we go about our daily… Seek More

Ourselves and Our Experience

How can we tell the difference between ourselves and our experiences? If a dog bites you, and you really hate the experience, are you a dog hater? Are we not a sum of our experiences? I offer that we are… Seek More

Space Between Experience and Self

How often do we have the experience of being absent minded when we are just sitting? While just sitting, we forget who we are? Or where we are? Daydreaming. And what do daydreams consist of? Experience? Memories, imagination, images.¬†Are they… Seek More

Rejected Imaginations

We imagine that a strange animal might be a monster, because on a deeply implicate level, this animal might indeed be a predator. We imagine we might be watched by ghosts, because on an equally implicate level, we recognize that… Seek More

Experience of Genuine Love

Anyone care to share a situation that seems to drain meaning from life? It doesn’t have to be from personal experience or anything. Well, sometimes the people around me seem very “opinionated.” Having new comers to class that just want… Seek More


The reality that everyone needs, is the reality they came equipped with to start. So to speak to the encounters with opinionated people, some people are so afraid, so lost inside themselves that they try to make a castle of… Seek More