'Liminality' Chapter

Reframing Experience

We are at our heart liminal beings. We have a dynamic element to us, one driven by relatively pure concept, and we also have a static element, one manifested in and preserved by our capacity for memory. And the balance between the two is not often easy. Our dynamic side almost always remains unconscious, and our sense of self as well as our perceptions of the world around us are grounded in our memory.

Many schools of mystical thought teach that you can know bliss and freedom through abandoning the static side of yourself entirely, The modern rationalist view teaches us that by abandoning the dynamic entirely, we can know peace and all the well being and prosperity we could ever hope for.

Have these teachings given us the freedom they promise?

Explore skills for embracing the liminal self in Reframing Experience.

Dynamic and Static

Today, we are talking about liminality. It’s a state of being. At one point in history, it was even ritually established or acknowledged, but we do still experience it today. We are dynamic creatures, creatures of habit, and we easily… Seek More

When Choice is a Foregone Conclusion

Perhaps another question. When everything is going exactly as you expect it to, do you have free will? Are you free to make any choice you determine on? You’re more often swept away by it. Things happen so easily that… Seek More

Potential for Real Choice

People usually have a very short list of ‘turning points’ in their life. Those are these liminal states? Exactly, and they feel like losing your mind. We feel like nothing makes sense in those moments. We may even feel like… Seek More

Two Ends of a Hallway

Visualize the dynamic and static sides of the self as being two ends of a hallway. We search for “transitional objects” to get us through the hallway? In a sense, yes. If you are walking down a hall with only… Seek More

Accept Dreams as Reality

What happens when you create an intersection in this hallway of human experience? A way through? A way out! Does anyone usually realize they can go some other way than these two? Mystic or rationalist? No. “What else is true?”… Seek More

Get Back in Touch

What if the primary things we talked about were neither business or impulses, but our instinctive experiences of the world around us? Much less stressful. Stress in the dynamic mind. One of the first things animals cue to each other,… Seek More

Defining Yourself

There is a difference between our experience of any event and our awareness of ourselves as individuals, a space between what we perceive to be happening and what we perceive it to mean. But as we go about our daily… Seek More

Ourselves and Our Experience

How can we tell the difference between ourselves and our experiences? If a dog bites you, and you really hate the experience, are you a dog hater? Are we not a sum of our experiences? I offer that we are… Seek More

Space Between Experience and Self

How often do we have the experience of being absent minded when we are just sitting? While just sitting, we forget who we are? Or where we are? Daydreaming. And what do daydreams consist of? Experience? Memories, imagination, images. Are they… Seek More

Rejected Imaginations

We imagine that a strange animal might be a monster, because on a deeply implicate level, this animal might indeed be a predator. We imagine we might be watched by ghosts, because on an equally implicate level, we recognize that… Seek More