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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Get Back in Touch in Liminality


What if the primary things we talked about were neither business or impulses, but our instinctive experiences of the world around us?

Much less stressful. Stress in the dynamic mind. One of the first things animals cue to each other, when they meet socially, is that they mean no harm, like a wolf seeking to mate, or a family dog looking to play. What would social interaction be like if the first thing we communicated was our intention for seeking them?

I think this only happens among “social” animals, though, not rattlesnakes and the like. Rattle snakes need less communicative behaviour. They either just don’t compete for territory, or avoid each other until their internal clock and sense of smell tell them it’s time to mate. Non-social animals in general I mean.

What about, like, going to an AA meeting and stating up-front why you are there? It’s rare in humans but it does happen, and is likely why things like AA are described as having such power to foster and support change. I think our inner selves manage to break through despite our wilful resistance to them.

There is also a sort of liminal space in those meetings, huh? Indeed, like the old medicine lodges of the Native Americans, and really other cultures as well, the tribal long house. They help people get back in touch with what is really real, rather than the noise we only semi-voluntarily assume we have to produce and maintain.

A “container” for inner selves to come out… What puts a stopper to greater exploration of this, is the rationalist attitude that there must be some mechanics behind this that they can medicate or program.

“How would you feel if I sang out of tune…?” — John Lennon. I would feel wonderful if people voluntarily sang out of tune. It would be like a choir of angels in the midst of all the agonized screaming that is this hell of “real life.”

I prefer hermit-hood to agonized screaming. Understandable.

Then I just hear the screams of my own demons. Even those demons can be given peace.

My dream demon wasn’t screaming. He reminded me of a sullen teenager, quietly stewing. Sullen apathy is louder than screaming. Screaming is on the threshold of release. Ever notice all the things we fantasize about being are liminal entities? Vampires are between life and death. Fairies are between humanity and nature, as well as between dreams and physical reality.

Like the elephant that is calm one moment and then snaps when he has had one too many cane whips. Exactly, even the warrior is between defeat and heroic triumph.

I think that angels were once thought to be messengers between worlds….

What if instead of hiding all these things in a closet, we learned to live in a way that makes the essence of these things possible, captures the spirit of them which is what matters most anyway. What is more in between things than something present at the very heart anyway?

In your deepest fantasy life what are you? Who are you when even you are not really looking? You aren’t really looking. You aren’t analyzing when you are daydreaming. So if I can ask, I do hope so…

A flier, a time traveller, a mom….a successful….

Utterly free.

Is there any difference between your daydreaming self and the self you are alone in a room? And for those who have dogs, they don’t count for this purpose. They already believe that you are your daydreaming self.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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