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Science started with the uncensored motive to understand, and they called it magic.

Dream Domains in Dreams


The dream world has as much reality as the waking world. What gets tricky is seeing the connections or “roads” that connect the dream world to ours, of which there are three.

Dreams are more than just symbolic stories about your day or state of being. They are a collection of images and symbols of a very many forms, capable of encompassing ideas with much more depth than any word, number, or picture based symbolism.

Most people miss their divinatory dreams, but they are there anyway. To compare dreams to the tarot, there is a set of symbols in your mind and they get shuffled up by the events of your day, then are spread out to your awareness while you sleep. Much like the tarot has four “families” of symbols called suites, there are three domains of dreams. Each domain collects impressions that relate to it. Understanding these three domains is the key to divination with your dreams. It’s what makes those seemingly random bits of dream make more sense.

The three domains of dream are the: “animal”, the “self”, and the “mystery.” All dream imagery and experience will fall into one of these three suites, so to speak, or it will fall into an archetype. The archetypes are like the major arcana of dreams, but even they can be grouped into one of the three domains. If you dream of a shadowy figure following you, this falls into the domain of the animal. If you dream of your grandparent giving you advice, this falls into the domain of the self. If you dream of a great light showing you a world you have never seen before, this falls into the domain of the mystery.

Just as your waking life is coherent and organized, so is your dream life. You just didn’t know the order of things before, maybe, because the logic transcends flesh and blood structure. But the three domains each will directly reflect one part of the waking world.

If you are getting sick or distressed, or feeling threatened by somebody but you didn’t notice it before, that will be the animal. Your inner rabbit has its ears up. If you are confused about your personal values and feel you are not understood or loved for who you are, that will show up in the personal, likely as an argument with someone you have never seen before. If you feel like circumstances are shifting in your life in ways you don’t understand, that will show up in the mystery likely as a mist, or shadow, or light obscuring your vision and giving you feelings of either dread, or well being, or just thoughtfulness.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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