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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Natural Imagination of Dreams in Imagination


How do dreams relate to imagination? Dreams are the base line or “natural” imagination. They are the purest and potentially the most balanced form of imagination, and where your mind nature and heart nature can surface with the very least distortion. There are a lot of things I can’t “think” about. Sometimes my head gets a bit noisy because there are too many understandings triggered at the same time.

I used to get in trouble at school for day dreaming and not paying attention to the lessons. Well, day dream now. Do it like you might do some important task around your home. Your brain needs it, and as for night dreams, the dream mind is the “basement” of your thinking mind. It’s where all the plumbing and wiring are. I myself understand this basement well. It’s how I can even come close to normal “waking” thought. If the mind were a city, I use the subways and sewers instead of the roads.

Since I’ve been a Na’vi in Second Life, I’ve been blue skinned in my dreams. Your subconscious mind wants you to “make real” one or more aspects of your Na’vi role. This is why it’s having it “get under your skin”.

I haven’t recalled many of my dreams lately. Is there a way to remember your night dreams more clearly? The most effective way to set yourself up to remember your night dreams is to speak of them as soon as possible. Failing that, write them down. Describe some part of your dream and your subconscious reflex is to give you more of it.

I am rarely alone in my dreams. I either have a partner or a group of people near me. Friends or not, they are there. You define self by your relationships. You are a people person.

Sometimes I have to push through a resistance to remember my dream, like it tires me to think of it. I think that’s my rational mind trying too hard to order it. And your subconscious organizes things much better than your conscious. It literally links an apple with everything red, and everything sweet, and everything fruit. Can your conscious thinking do that?

This supposed “higher thought” is often pretty laughable really. I much prefer my instinctive consciousness. It’s where I orient most clearly, when I sleep. When we are awake I might not react to something you said or did, because it just doesn’t make any sense to me. But I will dream it, and when it’s organized in that way it makes total sense. This is my universal translator. Then I may come back understanding not only what you intended me to, but everything that lead you up to telling me about that or acting that way toward me. This sound like nonsense? For me, I am just more of a creature of that part of the mind is all.

So dreams are all truth? They are all truth in one context, yes, but it is a more inclusive context. Hybridizes a lot of your experience and thought, even your opinions, then gives it back to you in tightly condensed form

I think that dreams can be fun and fantasy. If that is the intention, then yes, they can. They call that “wish fulfillment”. I have heard it’s very common when someone is otherwise frustrated in some way.

I guess this is why a dream seems short when in fact aren’t dreams going on for hours? Actually, the dream that is closed to your conscious thought is very short. Your deep subconscious dreams also, but that is usually sorted out of your awareness because it’s too complex for your “thoughts” to figure out. Everything, and I mean everything, is broken down to an essence and those are turned over at high speed in deep sleep.

You have short dreams but many of them? Exactly. You dream in the normal way every four hours.

Like episodes of a Cartoon (or TV series). Dreams are like that. Your mind likes things to be short and sweet. It has a lot of energy management to do while you sleep.

And you only remember the important ones? Yes. If any had enough emotional weight that your whole mind agrees it’s important, it will surface when you wake. And even if you don’t remember it as a dream, it will surface as your emotion or attitude that day which is often sufficient.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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