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Death is an illusion. Every atom in your body is immortal. After is illusory. After is an afterthought when you weren’t otherwise paying attention. “Don’t be afraid.” “You die now.” Living death? Better than the alternative. I would rather live death than die my life. I died yesterday and the day before. I never felt so alive.

Field Of Experience in Dreams


An example of dreams opening us up for what the world is saying: I was on holiday with my best friend who I trusted completely. When one night I dreamed that she was communicating behind my back with an ex-lover, and I became so angry in the dream that during the next day I was acting rather cold towards her. It kept lingering, but after a while it came out that the ex had feelings for her, and that they clicked. So the anger within the dream became justified, so to speak. It always is, but the individual is still responsible for their actions. Anger can be handled as you choose to handle it, and people can always choose. It’s what dreams like that are telling everyone. They aren’t just being subconscious gossip mongers. They are making you read to make an informed choice. If you don’t, that’s a waking world thing. It can’t be blamed on your subconscious.

Which gets me to perhaps the ultimate point. Your intelligence is not “yours”. In the case of understanding the human mind, familiarity not only breeds contempt, it breeds out and out blindness. Your brain and all the experiences that have gone into it… Who says these are yours? Who says they belong to you? What in all of that did you actually author by yourself?

I’m working on that but a lot needs to be ripped down to do it. I think this is why people don’t. They are happy with a false self, or at least busy telling themselves they are happy. My questions aren’t to negate you. “You” exist, but the mind is a field of experience that you are currently in. It isn’t your enemy. It is your support and you are in charge, but mind is not self.

If you actually admit you hate your friend or job, etc. gosh, then what? You would have to change your life. As Mitch Hedberg says, “I think of something that’s funny, then I go get a pen and I write it down. Or if the pen’s too far away, I have to convince myself that what I thought of ain’t funny.” Most of us convince ourselves it wasn’t funny. And it’s hilariously funny. We have great potential, all of us, right here and right now, but can I ever find my keys if I firmly believe they are on Mars?

The consensus reality is the lie, and we are disempowered because we are trying to find our keys while believing they are on Mars. Believing our answers are on a world that isn’t this world. That they will come from a source that isn’t our personal experience. This is perhaps the most foolish attitude anyone has, and the greater mass of people have it.

Gosh, that’s what we do with our dreams. Convince ourselves it was meaningless so we don’t have to find a pen. You can’t convince yourself your dreams are meaningless and have meaning in your waking experience. The foolish attitude is that your answers must come from the “real world”. That there is one type of truth and then there are the “real answers”. There is no such thing as the other world that can give us “facts”.

Ok, ok, guilty as charged. I’m always looking for proof and facts. Well, if you don’t mind, I will use you as an example. Found any yet? uhm…  Nor will you. You can’t find facts. What you will find in seeking is either sanity or derangement. Neither have anything to do with the fictional idea of facts.

I’ve seen things happen that are unexplainable. And the unexplainable… I always find that phrase funny. Everything out of context is unexplainable.

I’m trained to think: “If you can’t reproduce it in a lab, it doesn’t exist.” I’m starting to resent my education for it. People have reproduced errors in a lab, and it took a long time for them to spot the delusion and why their deductions were off. They used to believe animals were not self aware, and that your brain had serial circuitry and that it can’t regenerate. All of which they now know were delusions. The brain heals and information patterns in it are holistic. Incomprehensible if taken in bits.

I’m speechless at the moment. Well, perhaps this just means I have done my job well. You have! I’ve heard that’s when you’re learning something new. I suppose the old patterns aren’t working. Don’t mourn the old patterns too much. I promise you they weren’t working that well anyway. This is why I do these classes.

Yeah, the thing is, society is still to be convinced that the old patterns don’t qualify. Oh, they will be as more and more people become deranged.

From looking for fact they won’t find? Exactly.

I was well on my way. Maybe not anymore.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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