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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

The Real World in Dreams


About this “not real” nonsense. Shall we explore reality?

The only thing you or anyone else knows, or can know of reality, is the personal or the interpersonal. But even the interpersonal will have your personal adaptation inevitably, and does it do any good to label anything “unreal”? What action does it let you take? What decisions does it make any easier?

The decisions that limit you. Yes, and those are usually an expediency only. If they have even that to speak for their worth.

I’ve often wondered why people will argue so much with another just because they don’t see what they’re saying as ‘real’. They take it so personally. Peoples realities are fragile, because they know that the cinder in their neighbours eye is evidence of the timber in their own.

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We should remember our childhood more. We were playing make believe with everyone. We still are playing make believe, yes. Just now as adults most of us are lying about that which is a waste of time and emotional energy. I have enough to deal with let alone keep up a “reality” also.

Once again, a parallel with the virtual world of Second Life. Indeed. Your presence here, is real. Second Life you is a part of the real you. With the research into brain computer interface (BCI) technology, they are discovering how true that literally is.

I think Second Life is an adult version of our make believe as a child. Not in the same sense of course as playing make believe to the outside world, pretending to be perfect, always in control. I believe the “real world” is a make believe projection of what Second Life honestly is. It has been firmly established. The mind cannot tell the difference between the vividly imagined and the physically experienced.

They have BCI technology now and it works although it’s still crude. They have figured out some things that seemed obvious to me. The most obvious being that the mind doesn’t function in a linear way. Second Life encounters will move us emotionally as much as real life encounters, and there is absolutely no reason they shouldn’t. This is why they call me “autistic”, because a lot of “reality” seems unreal to me. I don’t respond to it in the “normal” way, ignoring a lot of it.

Our dream will impact our mood as much as a physical encounter. That does happen. Dreams form memories in the brain as easily and tangibly as physical experience does.

They do. Often I dream a sequel to a former dream. The mind likes consistency.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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