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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Collective Dream in Dreams


Are you awake now friends?

I think I’m awake.

I tend to think silly thoughts so my dreams come back as silly. Dreams are meant to be cryptic? Sometimes they seem so off the wall. They are as cryptic as your own thinking is.

That’s kind of scary considering there are some odd images in dreams. Yes, and odd beliefs while awake.

Everyone’s brain is not on the same channel at the same time while they are awake. While we sleep, our brains all fall into the same state of brain function. Our brains all fall into a frequency of about 7 Hz per second, which is about the same as the electric pulse in a piece of quartz. While we are sleeping, the otherwise restricted energy of our brains can piggyback on the energy of those near us who are also sleeping, and you don’t dream alone. But actually, even those who keep late nights are affected by the collective dream. They can feel it even though they are awake. This is why they like night.

I often have similar dreams to my husband and we often dream of each other. That is more than just affection, but it is reflective of that also.

While we were living in two different countries, we still found our dreams to be alike. This happens. Sympathetic nerve attenuation if you must have a rationalistic view. This brings me to the “geography” of the dream world. Seems like it has nothing to do with real world space, does it not?

True, and shifts around quickly. Is your perception of “real-space” any different, really?

I visualize different spaces quickly. And are often in a different “place” in your mind while your eyes see your meat space location, yes?

Well, for dream space, it does have forms and geography, but they aren’t dictated by what most people would see as the obvious. Human beings like to “build” things, and we fabricate things even in dream space but our limited brain behaviours often don’t let us see them. This is the same reason your brain won’t let you see everything. It has to “keep up with the real.” The real is just your belief pattern, and the gap between the real and all the substance your mind deals with is actually huge. I use the term “real” euphemistically. The normal definition of real has always struck me as seriously delusional. This is why people profess to all the “mystery” in life. The world isn’t keeping any secrets from you. You are keeping secrets from yourself.

Keeping secrets from ourselves is not seeing what doesn’t make sense with our version of “real”? Exactly.

I take those dream interpretations with a grain of salt. Yes. Most popular dream dictionaries are largely nonsense, but aren’t completely so.

So it goes back to our own beliefs and values as to what our dreams can be telling us? Yes, but it goes further.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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