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Divination Using Dreams in Dreams


Ever notice you don’t choose the patterns in your dreams, but you can pretty much always recognize them? Somehow, the structure always seems familiar?

They don’t reflect your thinking any more than your waking vision reflects how you think, or any less. As your thinking does determine how you pay attention to and notice things, the dream patterns are a reflection of the world, and are “read” by the mind because it insists on finished pictures.

You may in your waking world have a vague sense that some sort of upheaval is going to happen in your personal life. Your dreams will have all the details and even put them all together to show the most likely outcome of that situation, and they are very good at not distorting the facts, unlike your waking thinking. But just like any other form of divination, what your dreams can show you is not set in stone. It’s just the most likely event to occur unless your intention is focused and you take clear action to change it, if you actually want to change it.

There is no set mechanic for setting up a dream reading, no one way to do it. Any method, that focuses our attention on something you want more insight into, will (if taken with a strong will or just good timing) shift how you dream that night to make more elements from the respective domain surface. Like for me, I have a lot of “animal” dreams because a lot about my body and my physical life frustrate me. But a more worry prone person would have a lot of “people” dreams as all worries are related to your self image, and a very imaginative person would have more mystery dreams, because they like to frame everything about their day in “the big picture”.

Dreams are “the writing on the wall” and the question is can you read it? Yes, and were considered messages from the Gods back in the day, largely because they have that independent quality about them. They don’t hold to your waking day “personal” thinking. To the old view, dreams were the mind of God, or the spirits, touching your own mind. This is ultimately true, even if you see the Gods only as the higher power principles in reality, and spirits as your memories of people or experiences of nature, they have still touched your mind in ways that have nothing to do with your “thinking”.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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