If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

What is Unreal? in Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

What is unreal?

  • Perceived reality.
  • I’d say nothing, but there is a point where your own personal reality buckles because so much ‘other’ is introduced at once, and it becomes a little ‘unreal’ as things bleed into each other.
  • Nothing and everything.
  • Perception of what is outside of me.
  • What you choose not to accept.
  • “Real” like “true” is a relative position, it can both be proven and disproven.

All good answers. We think that there is one reality, but then we label different parts of life separately, and declare some unreal like the processes of the mind. But what is our basis for labeling the mind, or maybe more specifically imagination, as unreal?

  • We can’t share it with others in a measurable way aside from our own description/perception?
  • What we tell ourselves about any experience.
  • Because we can’t see others imaginations. We tend to believe only what we can see with our eyes.  But our much respected science tells us that our eyes are more a function of the brain than an objective process of their own.
  • Something either exists or it doesn’t. At that moment the thought or imagination exists.
  • For me the past and future do not exist and are not real, but our memory of them are.

Science states that time is not real, so any sense of phases in time is mistaken. So we can question our perception, or we can accept that our perception is more than an aberration of our mood. Accept that we don’t have to think that we see. What process occurs in you that has no link to anything in the world?

So nothing in the world inspires thought? Your consciousness is self contained and defined? Where does our capacity to be conscious or think come from? Is it self generated somehow, and if so why don’t we know how we do it? A balance. I would offer that in fact everything is balance.

But is thought directly connected to anything else? Can it be reciprocal unless interpreted to someone else through actions or words? The process of perception is the root of thought, you see because you “think” you see. It is the observer principle in action.

The observer would remain, even if the world and the body it inhabits is no longer there? Indeed, because we are the observer, and we are this world.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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