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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

You Can Change in Change


If you want change and change is natural, understand the part that is yours. Which is you? You can do new things when you learn new things. You don’t have to say, “I was dumb, but now I’m smart”. That isn’t true, you are you. Do you know you? You are the one who can change. The way of change is in you as much as it’s in the world.

I’m too big to know me. Well, then know the part you are in now perhaps? Is that bad advice? The part you are in is where you think you are right now, it’s you. You actually are always getting your way, and your way is in you, but did you know that? Watch out you might blink.

Even when we think we are not? Yes. You can choose. Maybe this time around, choose change. Choose the way you are in.

Instead of “I am too big” simply say “I am big”. Knowing this can help you find where you fit. Yes, you fit wherever you are, but knowing yourself you are a living thing. Allow yourself to be you, and you will naturally fit and you will move, and your life will change.

How many are genuinely fascinated with their mind? I extend out, but I think many aren’t really interested in their own mind. The reason being, as you go looking around, you begin to discover it isn’t really yours. This threatens our sense of self, thus we fear change because it makes us realize those ideas we had weren’t ours.

I feel I can adapt. Yes exactly, again the dynamic, the Tao. If you isolate one thing and say this is me, or this is mine, and it must not change, you will suffer. Why? Change is the only constant, and you can’t trust the mortal. You can’t trust the mutable. What can you build on if it will all change?

  • You can trust that it will change. Indeed.
  • Experience. Also true.

There isn’t one thing changing, and nothing else. It’s all changing as a whole. There is a rhyme and reason to it, cause and effect. Water is very mutable, and very seemingly changeable. If we let that scare us, we cripple ourselves. If we accept it, we can learn to swim perhaps.

But change is only looking at it in “pieces”, stages, a seed is also the potential plant, the baby is also the potential adult. Yes, really everything is whole.

Take joy in what you are becoming. Yes, because you will. If you accept that you are, then all those processes that make you what you are, are ok too. You will come to understand them, and you might make a new choice. Make a change in light of that, and in that context. How would that life be? How would the world be if we decide it’s ok? How would it be if we accept that we can heal?

Change. Not change our way, our way is rather limited, but there is a way. It’s in us. We can feel it, and we have seen it.

Be the tree that bends. Yes, that is excellent advice. Some of the world’s greatest insights into science came from Taoism. Which came not from ‘What can I make that?’ or ‘How can that serve me?’, but simply, ‘What is that?’, and ‘What is it to me?, ‘What is it to where it’s at?’. A lot of understanding comes simply from letting something be and seeing it.

As important as the importance you put on it. Yes, and whatever you do unto the least of my brethren, you do likewise unto me. I don’t want to be a car. I will own one, but I hope they come up with something healthier. I don’t want to be my home. I do live here, but if I choose to move I want that freedom.

And you will own it till it fails you, and then it’s time to trade it in. Indeed, when I drop ownership of the car that will be ok for a time.

Is our body like the car? The body has its own Tao, as does our mind and spirit, but there is no destruction, just change. There is no failure, just success at doing something that you might not have been shooting for, and success realizing that you want to try again, or you don’t really want to do that.

What about people like Hitler, did he not fail? He did not fail. I am not saying he did good things, but there are two cycles. They balance, and they are never out of order. With our idea of control we choose entropy, we choose progressive stagnation, decay, and death. Hitler chose control, and he did not endure long. Life is the rule. Life is the exception that proves the rule. You may declare you hate your life, let’s see what you say when someone makes ready to take it from you.

You don’t need to be morbid or obsessed with how nothing will endure, because there is endurance. It’s just in change. The sphinxes riddle, the Buddhist death meditation aren’t morbid. They are awareness. They are enduring. They are true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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