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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Joy in Change


Joy is calming. So when can you have joy?

  • With love.
  • When ever we choose.
  • When letting go.

All true. The idea that you can control the world is a bit silly isn’t it? The idea that change is to be controlled, and that it must have your approval. Where is your own world? Is there any separation between self and world, and is there virtue in control for its own sake?

Why is joy supposedly the answer? I think maybe if one realizes that they are IN change, that anything that occurs can be viewed upon equally as experience, and if valued could be determined as bliss? You don’t counter the previous notion, you support it, but you won’t be happy when you are a good person.

I think we need some control of our behavior? What we need control of is the idea of control.  Do you need control of your heart? We are, and we are in the world. We are natural. Do you live happily with a pet if you try to control it, or do you have natural reactions and recognition? All true knowledge is arrived at by realization.  Can I sail my car because I decide it’s a boat? What would happen if I drove it off a pier?  I’d get wet. Maybe even get stuck and drown, generally not very good.

We are creatures of life itself; there isn’t my life and your life. You can’t create life, and really you can’t destroy it. There isn’t anything to own. What happens, happens in the connection, and you won’t be happy by being good. I know countless people who are “good”.  They follow the rules, they do as is expected of them, and they go home and cry themselves to sleep at night. They keep the rules. They don’t change anything. They don’t rock the boat.

There is no better message of enlightenment then the little puppy looking up at you with the innocent expression of ‘what do you mean the shoe isn’t a chew toy?’ Yes, I agree. We are here, and you can’t live on a pedestal. There are no victims. There are no victors. If you insisted a Somalian stop fleeing a warlord’s raid, and answer if they felt they were a victim, they would at most stop and look at you like you were crazy. They aren’t victims, they are busy.

Only those that choose to be? We choose all the time, but we deny that we choose. We refuse to see ourselves in it. We say they left me, but you were involved.

So how do we see? Realize that there is something that is consistent. Life is like a song. It can range all around, all sorts of mood, tempo, instruments, what remains consistent in the experience is the listener. We try to understand the bad things that happen to us, we think we can learn to control them, anyone have any luck so far?

Changing the way you see things? Nope, you can’t change the way you see things. The eye just tends to be an eye.

Changing the way you allow them to affect you? Changing the way you see you. Changing your knowledge and awareness of you. What remains consistent is connection. Whether we are aware of it or not, but with awareness there can be great benefit.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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