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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Hemi Synchronization in Change


Everyone familiar with hemi synchronization? It’s a technology as well as a natural phenomenon and occurs more commonly than science is now recognizing. Your thalamus performs the same process on your self awareness that your auditory centre performs on sound. To explain what the tech does… They can play two different tones to your hearing, one in each ear, and your brain will merge the two tones into a single overtone. It will register in the middle of the two independent tones, sort of filling in the gaps so that the two tone noise makes more sense.

Well, the thalamus does the same for the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In a schizophrenic, that two tones becoming one trick doesn’t work. Even when they hear someone speak normally your voice sounds unnatural to them, like two people are speaking at the same time. The synthesis that should happen doesn’t. Your right ear registers only one range of sound, the other registers a different range. What you think someone’s voice sounds like is the average of the two.

What you think you feel like is the average of the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic which means what you are sensing and feeling, and what you are doing. You perceive yourself to be having an experience that is between those two different pictures of the world. Music would bridge that gap, make both systems fire with the same rhythm.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my senses have been bullying my feelings into submission. Actually, no. Those are the same thing. It’s the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems that compete. The more one activates – the more the other is suppressed, the more you think – the less you feel, and vice versa. It’s your ruminations that have been bullying your feelings.

In a friend’s little boys case due to an organic issue, the normal balancing act his thalamus would do has been thrown out of whack. His sympathetic nervous system has become much louder than it’s supposed to be and his parasympathetic system has become jammed by static. He now perceives the world as invading his person which triggers defensive behaviour toward everything almost entirely in an indiscriminate way. There are probably a few things he feels comfortable with, very simple things, well structured things, that he doesn’t find threatening. Human speech would not be one of those things. For him, two things would help balance the issue, evening out the complexity of sensory stimuli like the pressure machines they sometimes use. Has your son started burying himself under things?

One has, yes, but not the one with the syndrome. It’s not entirely unnatural to do so, quite the opposite. Your affected child just does natural things without the context, with the volume turned up too loud. Is this not so?

That’s true. Has your affected son developed an obsession for sounds? It is more likely with the centre that was affected.

He loves his Nintendo Wii and cartoons. I wouldn’t say there is an obsession with sounds just an obsession with control. Not control in the subjective sense we would think of it.

No, control in avoiding external inputs. He can’t make sense of them, or can only to a limited degree in a way he isn’t yet adjusted to. This is why people with brain damage or developmental disorders handle change so poorly, or at least are perceived to by neurotypical individuals.

Does he tolerate headphones?

I haven’t thought to try them. He might benefit from what they call trance music.

Really? That’s interesting. I know a girl who makes trance music. Maybe she could make a song that doesn’t bang straight in to get him used to it. Indeed.

Wow.. a few dominoes tumbling in my brain at the moment about this.

That is what I like to hear. It is the ultimate purpose of these classes.

Peppermint or bubblegum toothpaste?

Peppermint. Eggs or oatmeal?

Eggs, probably. All the supposed real changes you would like to make, cannot be made because they don’t exist in reality. White or dark meat?

White. It’s the little no-brainer choices, little moments of selection, that create the context, the meaning behind your problems, and can create the changes you would make. You cannot change the problem, because it doesn’t exist. You can change the context of the problem. You can consciously make the little choice that pops up around the problem. That is what changes the problem.

Ever see the Eddie Izzard routine “Cake or death?”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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