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When you stop taking things so seriously then you start seeing them clearly.

Change Focus in Change


How do you change the focus of the mind? Well, it is pretty simple. The mind is habitual, but it has limits. There are ideas that really confuse people about the mind, and you can’t change your mind by force of will. It doesn’t really matter if you are determined, if anything being determined keeps you focused on what you are trying to reject. A simple exercise if you all want to try it, think of something you like.

Now don’t stop thinking about it, but I’m thinking of a stinking, rotten, road killed raccoon.

You stopped thinking about it didn’t you?

That’s how the mind works, and it’s why ‘be realistic’ is such BS. Ultimately you were mostly thinking of my raccoon, but the ‘be realistic’ advice is BS. The ‘be rational’ advice is insane. There is a simple reality, the human mind triggers on certain things and in the end we all think natures way, just busily convincing ourselves that we think our way.

Same as saying, ‘come on be nice’? Yes, it’s all BS. You can really only think of one thing at a time. It can be a broad focus, but it’s still all related and as you move from now to the next now in your mind, you are changing your focus. How did your habits get formed? Did you have to try to form them? It’s an established fact that effort actually reinforces any behavior that you would try to break.

Changing your focus is natural, and yes it’s relaxed. We used to do it all the time as children. We dreamed, we got excited, we got inspired, and there was meaning in it. Joy.  You wanted what you wanted not because it impressed anyone, but simply because it was in you and pleased you. It wasn’t something to accomplish.

My childhood seems to have been different. Oh, for some of us it’s not a clear thing. We get jumped on early, or we are introduced into insecurity from proverbial day one, but we can feel that potential inside us.

So the saying, you can’t always have what you want is false? Yes, because you likely don’t know what you want. You know what you were told you want.

Our parents tell us that so we won’t throw tantrums. Yes, but they throw tantrums in front of us so we grow up and learn to throw better tantrums, to sulk and hold our breath. We call it being responsible, but it’s just being dead. We are meant to live. We want life, we want engagement, connection, we weren’t shown how to do that. The consensus is a living death, but nature was pretty darn generous if you can accept who you are.

Then we find it, and change takes it away again. Well, change seems to, because you found the tire tracks not the car. The car moves, and it moves you. You are the seeker and the sought. I am that I am, be who you are. Who you are doesn’t change. I have always been this Travis, but my thinking did change and in letting go I saw more.

As Bill Hicks says, “It’s Just a Ride”. You can pick where you sit, who you sit with, and can even choose what style of ride. But in the end the secret of life, of the universe, is simply you. Who are you? Just try to realize there is no spoon, and then you will see it’s really only you that bends. If I say a spoon is a garden stake then it’s a garden stake, am I wrong? Though if I eat with garden stakes it might foul the taste of my food.

I reject your reality and substitute my own. Everyone say that. Say it, and mean it. Your reality is your reality, claim it. Know that you choose it, and why I choose this too. We say that in virtual reality, but it is still reality. I tend to enjoy an inclusive reality, I think they call it learning.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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