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Mythological Matter in Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

There are a great many forms of life on our planet. Some we know and feel we understand well. Some we know and know that we don’t understand well, and all across the world there has been a tendency to name animals after what we consider mythological creatures. Our consciousness allows for more creatures than we can accept to exist on this planet. Isn’t that kind of strange? Why would we make up creatures?

If we were purely material, it would be strange. Matter is one of those weird mythological creatures.

I read a sci fi story a long time ago that mentioned the mythological zebra, and I thought yeah, who would believe a zebra exists?

We intuit other realms? We intuit more deeply into our own realm and the process of origination.

Maybe the made up creature is a way to explain some oddity in nature. We don’t know what aliens look like so we imagine. I would offer that actually we do know what aliens look like, because we resemble that remark.

And still I think we know it could be unlike anything one could dream up. They do argue that they may have similar weakness and strengths as humans on earth. Their basics for life could be the same as ours.

Mythological matter? Matter behaves in very strange ways. Even organizing itself in ways that exceed our ability to sense them, and having forms that our sense organs can’t process.

I think many mythological creatures originate from the viewer’s inability to accurately describe what he saw and the listener’s misunderstanding of what is being described. That’s an excellent point. It’s actually the basis of everything on this subject of Strange Creatures. Why is it people feel they process reality perfectly?

It’s all we know, what we get through our senses. I have to trust it, because we have no other choice. Interesting. The models fabricated by humans actually exclude much of what the human body senses. So in fact, it isn’t all we know, but it is all we listen to.

We trust sight more than other senses. It seems more real, more immediate to us. Yes, and that’s a huge mistake. The greater mass of our experience is internal, and even our senses would be impossible to deceive if we cross-checked them with our internal sensitivity. It’s the largest portion of the brain. This is an established fact, but what is not commonly known is the visual center of your brain processes more than vision, and is responsible for making every encoded memory you have intelligible to your recall.

I think our society today trains us to bias sight, but it’s not done so innately. In many fighting techniques, you’re trained to close your eyes to fight better. Yes. It shuts off an element of internal noise. The internal translation process is called imagination. You actually cannot recall things without imagining them, and though you might not see “pictures” in your minds eye, there still are patterns that surface there for every memory.

Sight is directly tied to memory? It is, yes. They used to believe that the brain was not powerful enough or sensitive enough to pick up on external electrical signals. They are discovering this is not actually true, but the brains surface is not the total sensory array available. The largest being your skin. They have trained people to exploit the limited photosensitivity of the skin, and the brains ability to project spatial models forward into the environment well enough that limited navigation is possible. Both of these are often taught to the blind. You are picking up models of reality you have conditioned yourself to ignore. Every cell in your body is sound sensitive to the point of having a potential sort of like that of a dolphin, even reading into the ultrasound.

I’ve heard of a blind man using a sort of sonar to navigate. A clicking device and he can ride a bike and even hope to try driving a car. These senses aren’t special or new. Humanity has always had them, but they don’t use them, at least normally.

I am a synaesthesia. My brain cross wires sensory impulses so they create phantom analogues in other areas of my brain.

I think LSD creates that effect too. LSD or just natural neuro-transmitter spikes both create that effect. In my case, it’s an overabundance of a dopamine compound my brain creates.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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