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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

God Playing Dice in Play


The phrase of Einstein’s about God playing dice with the universe… Einstein didn’t like it but he was unable to disprove it. He wanted to believe in a world that was neatly ordered according to at least somewhat human sensibilities. He had to believe in the intelligibility of the universe.

On the subject of quantum physics, though Einstein didn’t like the science he helped to foster, if he were alive today he would be engrossed in what is being discovered in places like the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

There isn’t any way to prove either way? There may be. They are discovering a sort of organic order to the structure of matter. A phenomenon they call flocking. The tendency of the broken particles to move in a coherent pattern. Particles of an origin flock together even though they no longer share the original and supposedly understood bond. They expect scattering and it doesn’t happen. Reality is showing a preference for coherence. So with that, then perhaps reality and not humanity spawns language.

Reality and not humanity spawns language? Then I can blame all my curse words on that. A portion of reality can be blamed for curse words, yes. The infra red background radiation of our galaxy has much in common pattern wise with swear words, gutterly, rough, static like. This doesn’t mean humans aren’t responsible for their own choice of words. That’s the definition of choice. Response ability.

Time is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. That was Einstein too. Yes. He was the foster father of quantum mechanics, and was on the verge of going that way but it happened later in his life, just as Freud finally acknowledged Jung’s arguments regarding the greater portion of human consciousness being non sexual.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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