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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Other Realities in Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

Our senses have blind spots, but they don’t remain constantly blind. We are the inheritors of every form of physical sensitivity on this planet. If not literally ever sensory organ, every organ that exists has its roots in the same structures that make up our own, and they are not as highly specialized as people think.

Every once in a while for any of a variety of reasons, some of this extra sensitivity kicks in, and we experience what are thought to be hallucinations or sensory phantoms. If they are that and only that, then what stimulus is making them so coherent? Why do they resemble anything at all instead of just being meaningless sensory noise?

Memory? Memory, yes, and memory is a quality of all cells.

The bits you remember get pieced together in what ever way? The way isn’t actually random. They say that we force an order on things that have no order, but I will offer that our minds are not that centered by themselves. They aren’t forcing anything to take any special shape.

Memory is why the body still twitches after being cut off from the brain? The muscles have memory. Yes. Really, every organic structure on the planet has memory, and they took form based on a signal wave.

All of reality is made of “smart” matter, and our universe has a base line signal that is preserved regardless of any other seeming noise. This base line signal dictates the behaviour of all other energy and thus matter in our universe. But that signal is not the only wave of its kind that exists. The universe is holographic, or none of it could exist at all. So although our universal signal shapes the formation of things in our reality, it takes samples of form from every other signal in the multiverse. Though we live in a realm that we can make some loose effort to define the reality of, it carries with it the potential for these other realities to be supported as well.

The interface for these other realities is built right into our own reality. It’s the way our reality takes form. On the microscopic level, it manifest as such strange things as what they call super strings. Incredibly small structures in space time with seemingly impossible dimensions. But these don’t break down as you move up in the physical structure of reality. They also manifest as wormholes and cosmic strings, and on the planet as what they call song, dragon, or ley lines. This circuit like structure runs all through reality. Our nervous system just imitates it with its neural architecture and meridians.

Time space is actually not a constant. Recent research has discovered that light energy is lost over distance. Really long distances, but it is, and it’s lost past what they call the event horizon of a black hole as well. The energy is not actually lost, and ancient mysticism has a lot to say about light. Our energy and matter fluctuate back and forth between universes, unfolding and enfolding past the universal membrane if you will. Strange matter. Anti-matter. They all seem to supposedly disappear for some mysterious reason.

Energy looses momentum like a roller coaster? No energy is destroyed. The law of conservation holds, but our physical laws are not uniquely ours. They cross dimensional boundaries, for lack of a better term. There really aren’t any boundaries.

In Kabballah, they believe that the top layer of reality is where everything originates and that’s pure light. That is an excellent symbolic model, if perhaps kept a bit simplistic.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Bashir Bomai

    Material sciences and Metaphysical sciences are not separate but form a whole if both are applied in a manner that is in harmony with the Laws of Cosmic Realities.The coherence of these phenomena is slowly being understood by scientists,although the majority insist on “explaining” occurences in terms that can only be described as ludicrist.In the course of my research,sometimes I come across information that by a “stroke of luck”, is posted on science websites.The Hubble Science Team came across an image of an interstellar vehicle travelling outside the fringes of our star system but quickly “blacked” it out.Too late.People like me had already seen it and noted it.This vessel was about 1 million light years away.That Telescope was really well made and has outperformed the expectations of its manufacturers.These types of images are legion in the HST’s archives.You might ask-where is this person going with all these stories.However,I have a target but not until I have shared this next observation.It is important to the subject of light and optics as it affects our perception of light and the resonance of the magnificent energies of our multiple planes of existence.
    On 21 February 2006,a mystery object was spied with the HST.”The object was very bright and continued to brighten by a factor of 100 during the course of three months without exceeding magnitude 21.Magnitude is closely tied to Geometric Abedo(this is the ratio of a body’s brightness at a Zero phase angle, and the angle measured at the center
    of an illuminated body between the light source and the observer).I digress.It is necessary though if we are to percieve what I am talking about.Now,back to the object under discussion.Like I stated above,the object never exceeded magnitude 21 and then faded away in an identical manner(as postulated by Mr Saunders,Light decays at the event horizonof a Black Hole at mighty distances but it is not entirely lost).The object faded away in an identical manner.This in itself is highly unusual.The reason, as per the article,most light curves from transient events are not symmrtrical but have a rapid rise and a slow decay.The second part of this mystery is the Spectrum.Follow up observations with ground based observatories,including ESO’S VLT,uncovered features in the object’s spectrum.The light in the blue region showed broad line features,while the red region showed continuous emission.The final part of the mystery is the object’s distance which was placed at 130 million light years away.One thing confirmed though is that the “object” was extragalactic given its proximity on the sky to the center of a known cluster of Galaxies at a distance of 8.2 billion light years.It was deduced by the Astrophysicists that the object represented the discovery of a potential new class of transient objects.They could not explain the light curve or the spectrum.Everything in our percieved realities is reality sheathed into the planes and those are also sheathed into another and so on.The Qur’an mentions this in the Surah(Chapter)called ‘the Light”as follows:”Allah(God) is the light of the heavens and the earth.The parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp:the Lamp enclosed in Glass:the Glass as it were a brilliant Star:lit from a blessed Tree,an Olive,neither of the East nor the West,whose oil is well-nigh luminous,though fire scarce touched it.Light upon Light!Allah doth guide whom He will to his Light:Allah doth set force Parables for men:and Allah doth know all things”.Peace.

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