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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Differentiation from Other in Law of Infinite Universes

Law of Infinite Universes

How do we differentiate from each other? Each consciousness generates an event field, a wake from its own activity. These event fields, the byproduct of the conscious process of attention, contact and interact with other such fields.

Individual consciousness, individual minds, exist as degrees of freedom in what they are calling the zero point field. The zero point field space is the space they occupy, but if that space were homogeneous, smooth, there would be no room for independence. There would be no individual consciousness. The zero point has depth and range and each consciousness generates its own bubble in the zero point space like a cell wall around a single celled organism.

Spirit would be a class or flavor of information, communal information, where as individual information is retained and processed to resolve the affairs of that individual consciousness just like our cells giving off chemical signals but not coughing up their nuclear matter. It’s not possible to surrender the soul to another being, nothing exists to absorb this soul, and sublimation of the soul if it were possible would be catastrophic. The toxicity of all that information spewing out into the spiritual space would damage the integrity of other souls leading them to follow suit, a collective multiversal suicide.

But this soul can be influenced if it allows it? Is influenced, requires influence, is fed by the information I referred to as spirit, the sharing between souls.

So what is spirit? Is that intelligence? No, or rather yes, digested intelligence, archetypal in nature. It would be very difficult to recognize as the perceptual constructs we typically experience and understand, but it does inform the construction of perception in the space of the individual soul. No soul creates in a void. There is no void.

No, there is no void. So spirit is individual too? No, spirit is communal. Intelligence is both individual and communal. Soul is individual.

So is spirit communal to all of the universe? Or multi verse? Yes, drawn upon by all beings.

And beyond spirit is intelligence? No, within spirit is intelligence. Within soul is intelligence.

Consciousness is a trait of the soul only. Souls exist as consciousness. That is the substance and structure of consciousness. Non differentiation blocks communication and cooperation between souls, removes the necessary contribution that is the perceptual refraction of spirit. If a soul fails to crystallize information in its own code, then it starves the exchange of spirit. It becomes, in a sense, a cancer, absorbing but without output.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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