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The Recognizing Gate in Law of Infinite Universes

Law of Infinite Universes

What do you define as consciousness? Energy pattern? Consciousness is the recognizing gate. Consciousness is the black hole beyond which there is only an entire universe. One theory of the multiverse holds that our universe and all universes exist on the inside surface of an infinitely dense and intense singularity. So that would be one example of what lies beyond the recognizing gate.

I am that, which gives rise to what I am.¬†Infinite creative inversions. What the big bang actually was, not recursions. The universe is not recursive. It’s not repetitive. As amusing as the notion is, it is not in fact turtles all the way down. It’s everything, all the way out.

I’m still working on what defines individual consciousness that taps into the intelligence field. Attention defines individual consciousness, or rather meta attention. The awareness of our ability to attend, and of our ability to re-attribute that attention, to direct and redirect it. Though it’s possible allocation is not confined to geometric or geographical models thus we can do tricks like perceive things remote in space and time while maintaining another localized existence, a body as we call it.

It must be a field that defines attention? It is not a field.

What is it? If you seek a physical metaphor, it would be closer to a super-string but not even one dimensional, zero dimensional. But to run with the metaphor, a super-string is a one dimensional object that enfolds upon itself according to a quality of vibration sort of like a mobius strip but vibrating as well as curving in on itself. Infinite in its own linear recursion but also resonating out into the space around it. If you pick a spot on a mobius strip and then trace along that path, you will come back to the same spot you started from rather than going to the other side, because there is no other side, just the one axis, the one dimension.

Fields are two dimensional. They can only occur in space. Consciousness occurs before space, and creates space by its action, its behaviour. Space is an expression of consciousness without being consciousness, and space morphs according to the behaviour of consciousness giving rise to any of an infinite variety of apparent universes. Still only one consciousness in the middle of that entire field of universes.

What causes the differentiation then? Individualization? Well, meta attention is possible, because consciousness is in fact not one dimensional, like the metaphorical super-string, it is zero dimensional. There is no single channel to trace a path along. There is just a matrix of conformance behaviour, a point that gathers around itself information that reflects it’s singular nature. Nothing is fated, no outcome is inevitable. The alignment of consciousness can draw upon all space and time, like the zero point which moves so fast it is effectively everywhere, and because it is everywhere it also had no source and no end, so is effectively everywhen as well.

The urge to move is not an urge to move, because there is no space, no where to move to. What we experience in this body as an urge to move is in fact the end product of metaphorical quantum collapse. Like a black hole drawing in matter and then re-expressing it, perhaps in a location far removed from where it was originally gathered. This is what gives rise to the apparent split between mental experience and physical experience even though there is no such division. It is all the same reality.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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