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You’re never bored when you play your own game. You’re bored when you play another’s game.

Your Personal Universe in Law of Infinite Universes

Law of Infinite Universes

The parallel universes are enmeshed with each other. Each being in our universe is its own universe, its own set of shifting energies and physical patterns/behaviours, perceptions, observations.

The supposed physical constants of the universe are no such thing. The range of variance shows some necessary constraints just as your voice has a necessary limit in range less the exerted energy damage. The very same tissues creating the sound in the first place, maybe even causing your head to resonate till it explodes. We don’t want that do we?

There is consensus and then there is coherence. Consensus is artificial like a photograph taken of the room you are in. Coherence is the interactive relationship of energy that creates the room itself. We are all subject to coherence naturally. Our bodies and brains must display some degree of conformance behaviour in order to survive and function with some reasonable degree of persistence. If your consciousness could channel the force of a super nova that wouldn’t serve much purpose even if it were in fact possible. It would just vaporize you and the rest of the living planet around you so there have to be some limits.

Yes, we all are designated.

Precision is more important than power.

Consensus is a demonstration of the power of the human mind despite natural tendencies of the energy around us. It creates a holographic stability that doesn’t of its own accord exist.

Isn’t there more than just our human consciousness affecting us? Perhaps I will touch on that, but first maybe I’ll get to the practicable application of the law of infinite universes?

Everything that you have done was possible because in your personal universe it is possible. Your abilities and potential for action have changed over time and will change because the laws of your personal universe are capable of changing.

Nanotechnology is discovering some very strange things about matter, one being a possible force they call magnetricity, like electricity but without a particle, generated by the directed flow of non-dimensional magnetic monopoles. This is just one example of how the supposed absolutes of the mechanistic Newtonian world view are being proven to be far from absolute, or even factually accurate, even if for now they continue to remain useful functionally.

What are monopoles? Well, you are used to magnets being polarized, yes? Yes. Having a positive and negative aligned dynamic? Well, each of those states, which would seem to depend on each other, can exist by themselves. A positive magnetic force with no negative, or vice versa.

A particle with only one magnetic charge. Yes, or a quantum Cheshire cat. The charge shunted away from the particle all together, like your body being in one place and your bodies weight being someplace else, or your brain being in one place and the information filed that influences it being located somewhere else.

Sort of like being an avatar in Second Life. Yes.

Now so far despite the enmeshed multiverse of shifting possibilities I have described, it would seem that there is no room for self will wouldn’t it? No room to choose how all these infinite possibilities exist? Maybe new possibilities emerge at random?


Is it clear that you have not lived your entire life in the same universe? Just as you have not lived your entire life in the same body with each new biological assemblage, you have a whole new matrix of quantum entanglements. All that matter had a location before it took up a place in your current body and will have a location after. I rambled but is it clear that you have not lived your entire life in the same universe?

Yes, well my consciousness hasn’t. All of you hasn’t. There is nothing other than your consciousness. The brain is just a useful information footprint like a password on your computer.

But what of the body?

I think that field may be the interaction between monopoles you were talking about. Ah, that was just one example of physical deviation specifically connected to a form of matter called spin ice which is able to violate the third law of thermodynamics and then come back again.

So a new perspective is not just a trick of the brain. It extends to the whole universe? Indeed.

The actions you undertake, the perceptions you experience, are expressions not of external laws, but of your true internal nature, and the behaviour that allows for any of that to change is not defined or confined by the range of experience it seems to occur in.

So the fields of energy are generated by….? And what is our true internal nature?

I think energy fields probably come from the quantum froth.

Metaphorically speaking you could be described as a locus or singularity of the zero point field, the baseline from which all other energy and physical behaviour emerges but even the zero point field is too superficial in its parameters.

Energy fields come from spatial interaction, quantized space/time. The substance of reality emerges purely from the potential for reality, and all these little bubbles or atoms of space time, these discrete universes, collectively form a field on which we project a virtualized universe, a perceptual hologram of our intended existence.

So the zero point… is this where the consciousness emerges from for reality? The zero point is the computer screen, the consciousness is behind that.

And where is that? Non-space, or if you prefer hyper space.

What is non space or hyper space? Information, the water in which the metaphorical fish of the soul swims. Pure intelligence. Consciousness and intelligence are not the same thing. The universe is made out of intelligence.

Consciousness is ‘being.’ Consciousness is not static. There is no motionless baseline, no unmoved mover.

I see being as constantly moving… breathing. Motion exists only because the mover moves. It’s the essence of reality in its entirety, no contradiction, no duality. If there could be motionless, changelessness, if there could be anything other that the chaos the ancients referred to, then motion, growth and learning would never have been possible. Nothing would have started moving. Nothing would disturb the so called peace, ever.

So this is in all of us right, this ‘intelligence’? Yes. In us, around us, transfusing through us, and telegraphed out beyond us throughout the continuity of apparent time and space. It’s important not to mistake intelligence or information for consciousness.

So how do we all tap into it? We tap into it through what can awkwardly be called attention. We assume we know how attention works, perhaps I should call it meta-attention.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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