'Law of Infinite Universes' Chapter

Law of Infinite Universes

You have not lived your entire life in the same universe just as you have not lived your entire life in the same body. With each new biological assemblage, you have a whole new matrix of quantum entanglements.

Everything that you have done was possible because in your personal universe it is possible. Your abilities and potential for action have changed over time and will change because the laws of your personal universe are capable of changing.

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“Behind every atom of this world hides an infinite Universe.” Rumi

Every Atom is a Point of View

We perceive that we live in a single world, but there is no single world. No world is a closed system and none can exist independently of the whole multiverse. We think of other universes as existing somehow removed from… Seek More

Compromised Memory

The basic building block of the human body is the cell, yes? The material that supposedly retained the memory is not lost or eliminated so there is no material loss to go with the memory loss. What would you think… Seek More

Your Personal Universe

The parallel universes are enmeshed with each other. Each being in our universe is its own universe, its own set of shifting energies and physical patterns/behaviours, perceptions, observations. The supposed physical constants of the universe are no such thing. The… Seek More

The Recognizing Gate

What do you define as consciousness? Energy pattern? Consciousness is the recognizing gate. Consciousness is the black hole beyond which there is only an entire universe. One theory of the multiverse holds that our universe and all universes exist on… Seek More

Differentiation from Other

How do we differentiate from each other? Each consciousness generates an event field, a wake from its own activity. These event fields, the byproduct of the conscious process of attention, contact and interact with other such fields. Individual consciousness, individual… Seek More

Law of Infinite Universes Application

So shall we get to actual application of the Law of Infinite Universes? The process of manifestation is governed by the confirmation of attention, so our pattern of attention may resist the possibility of the thing we seek to manifest.… Seek More