'Laws of Magick' Chapter

Law of Infinite Universes

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Law Of Attraction: You feel anything by the process of desire. There is no aversion, only attraction.

Law Of Negative Attraction: You can’t interrupt any condition without dissipating the same energies that brought you there in the first place.

Law of Contagion: Two things once in contact stay in contact. The law of contagion is also a law of training. It is how you can form new habits.

Law of Infinite Universes: The way to allow manifestation through is to ask yourself, “Who am I in a universe in which this thing is possible?”

Law of Knowledge: Knowledge, true knowledge, is properly oriented. Knowledge is power, because it arises from power, from the behaviour of energy in our world.

Law of Pragmatism: Our perceptions and thus our models of the world are not literally true, and though they are not literally true, they are true enough to be functional.

Law of Similarity: One of the tricks your mind does is group objects with similar qualities together. We need categories, and we didn’t choose to have this trait. Nature set this up for us.

Law of Sympathy: Web of relationships. You can affect anything by affecting what has a link to it.

Law of Synchronicity: Insight into the interaction of beings in the world around us has predictive value.

Habitual Thinking

Laws of Attraction is a new pseudo-religion, or so it would seem. Just have your mind be sun-shiny enough and your life will be delirious bliss. Anyone have any luck with that? No. The “positive” people I know are in… Seek More

Process Of Desire

Why do we have problems? Seems sort of mysterious, huh? I want the wrong things or I don’t know what I want? You don’t know what you want. True will, actual desire, the real substance of the human mind, is… Seek More

Knowing Is Internal

Anyone want to share a problem in their life? A problem? Find work that I really enjoy. Ok, so let’s look at your job search. Describe it to me? How was it when you were looking? There were plenty of jobs,… Seek More

Perception Chooses

Perception is very narrow. If you move it around, you will scan the world only very poorly. This makes everything seem unclear if you won’t let your perception settle. Your perception has a purpose. It has to be in agreement… Seek More

Form Of Desire

Is it not me that tells me when something is wrong? Such as taking a life? No. It’s not “you”, not the “I.” I can think about killing, but have no desire to actually do so. Yes. Your perception can… Seek More

Clear Goal

What does it mean when you hit a wall of the “I’m not sure what I want”? What do you do to get clear on a goal to manifest something? You look at what you are noticing. Then notice what… Seek More

Way Of Sympathy

You could say that the way of sympathy is just a philosophical precept, but it has been shown to have a psychological basis, even in those who profess no actual superstitious beliefs. The Law of Sympathy is that things that… Seek More

Sympathetic Links

Two things that are coloured red have a very real shared quality. In a literal scientific sense, they both have physical traits that makes them reflect the red color from the light spectrum. Metaphysically, it’s basically the same with the… Seek More

Attracting Truth

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein. Einstein would have made a great magician if he were not a scientist, but the two disciplines are not of necessity… Seek More

Holographic Universe

Does red exist to someone who is colorblind? Parts of red exist, and a color blind individual who is also a synesthete would feel red and hear red. They wouldn’t have to see red. Sort of like the “facial” vision… Seek More