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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Holographic Universe in Law of Sympathy

Does red exist to someone who is colorblind? Parts of red exist, and a color blind individual who is also a synesthete would feel red and hear red. They wouldn’t have to see red. Sort of like the “facial” vision they have through a variety of sectors, it’s not as detailed as “normal” vision, but it still permits a form of seeing. They have even accomplished a partial success with optical implants to restore sight in persons with damaged retinas, because the potential to detect visual patterns was still in their brains.

Just because all of the equipment didn’t form right doesn’t mean all of reality is broken. The Law of Sympathy, in fact, is what causes even the vestige to form when the limb itself does not, and with new advances in cybernetics they have created a neurally linked prosthetic. It just took some micro-surgery to wire the brain vestige, or “phantom limb”, to the stump so they could use it.

More and more, the holographic model of the universe is being proven true, and the Law of Sympathy and the Law of Contagion explain this in the most simple way I know. Things that appear to have something in common do have a genuine link. This doesn’t mean they are defined exclusively by that link, and once whole always whole. Every part of your body has the information to make every other part of your body. This was proven by the HGP (human genome project), more or less.

To bring this now to practice, you can affect anything by affecting anything that has a link to it. You can affect your world by affecting yourself as you are linked to it. You can affect yourself by affecting the world, as is evidenced by people who have the practice of house cleaning to clear their heads, or the use of life affirmative decoration like flowers to aid healing.

I contemplate moving your left shoe. That would affect me, if only in a minor way. If you had a more purpose focused intent with the action taken on my left shoe, it could affect me in a more major way.

Perhaps more of a summary, and I do hope this has been of some help or insight. What it all amounts to is that we really are in a matrix, a web of sympathetic relationships. Attachments, if they become entanglements, and awareness, if we keep them clear.

What can we do? Well, no we cannot dodge bullets, but this web of connections can inform our potential in ways you may have never considered. You can bend your behaviour in connection to these relationships because you do have free will, and you do decide what is possible for you in that context. You just can’t reject the context entirely, and once whole always whole. So any relationship that ever existed still exists. Though it’s exact configuration may have seemed to change form, it has its place in the web as much as any who are flesh and blood matter.

I hope this wasn’t too pedantic friends. Too preachy or pointlessly wordy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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    an individual may elect what one prefers see, even if by world standards of what normal sight is actually a facsimile created in ones brains

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