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All problems have there origin in the individual, and there perpetuation in communication. What you can do is see your individual part, and see to how it’s propagated.

Metaphysical Alchemy: Vertigo in Law of Contagion

So any questions about the law of contagion?

Can there be sinister uses for this law like for cursing someone? That’s how cursing is done. It’s also how curing is done. The one laying a curse creates a mini crisis to infect the target with by the law of contagion and the mini crisis gets amplified. The necessary controls are often handled in a sloppy manner though. I guess because cursing tends to be a crime of passion.

Another good model would be the practice of alchemy. It is a solid way to understand the practical use of the law of contagion. You have a base, your pre-existing condition, right? You identify what alchemists called a reagent, an element that embodied a catalytic influence, and you introduce one or more of these reagents or catalysts to the base condition in order to begin the process of transformation. It takes time, but the transformation can be radical.

I guess that’s why people often discover their magic when they are very angry and end up smashing their bedroom mirror. Indeed.

So perhaps a specific example of metaphysical alchemy. Anyone want to volunteer the base condition? The pre-existing problem?


In the case of the vertigo, you have to identify the conditions in which the vertigo occurs. That’s all you need to identify, because from that you will derive the reagent influences that will restore balance. When is the vertigo experienced? In what situations or conditions?

Well, lying in bed and turning head to the left. Ah ok, then the two key elements there are the body being at rest, and the head being rotated at an angle to the body. The head posture is adopted for a psychological reason. It’s body language. The vertigo occurs before sleep I take it?

Yes. Ok. The person in question experiences intense stress leading to exhaustion. They get pushed past a metabolic threshold, thus their energy level drops lower than is necessary for healthy sleep. The reagent to remedy this would be light, either visualized or physical exposure, same reagent either way.

Light would enable me to have visual input? Yes. It would reharmonize your body to the energy around you and get you caught up with natures cycle.

Well, this is quite accurate. If I walk from a lighted room into a dark one, I instantly get dizzy, but I can’t sleep with the lights on. Ah, the light exposure can happen prior to bedtime, though soft or dim light is inadequate. Even if you visualize the light, you need to try to visualize it as being as strong as you can be comfortable with. Sunlight on a sunny day.

So he could simply get out into the sunshine? Yes. Computer screen light wouldn’t help. Getting sunshine would help, but not sunset level sunshine. It would have to be midday.

But the other vector is the left facing head. You’re most likely right handed, yes? Yes. You turn your head left because you feel frustrated about how your day went. Days where you turn your head left feel incomplete.

I do? I thought it was because I was tired/bored with lying on my right side. Bored, and bored because your mind hasn’t completed an activity cycle that satisfied it. So the second factor would be emotionally moving stimuli.

I will ponder it further tomorrow at noon in the sunshine and complete activity cycles that are fulfilling. Ah, best to avoid approaching that idea philosophically. Your subconscious mind doesn’t care about abstract concepts. It wants to have felt things during the day. Calm bland days make for restless nights. Does music move you much?

Classical music moves me, yes, and some good folk. Listening to the music would be completing something satisfying? Yes.

And balance of energies. Music is wonderful for balancing, especially piano music.

For you the vertigo is all timing. Your heart and body clock are all out of synch like the timing of a car engine. You still function but the gears slip, no criticism intended.

I think you are “right on” as they say.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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