'Law of Contagion' Chapter

Your mind forms sectors of association instinctively as do the minds of children and animals, and the categories don’t follow analytical logic. They follow a pattern of generalized association.

Things in contact tend to stay in contact. They are connected in your mind, if not in the causal world and thus you can instigate a chain of events by introducing something that bears a contagious connection to some other category in your life. The law of contagion is also a law of training. It is how you can form new habits, associate an old and previously painful behaviour with a better and more pleasurable outcome or experience, the old behaviour will come to belong in the new category you assigned it to, and you wind up having vague memories of the previous association at best.

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“As contagion of sickness makes sickness, contagion of trust can make trust” Marianne Moore (American Poet, 1887-1972)

Working Memory

I know I’m searching for something. Something so undefined that it can only be seen by the eyes of the blind. A Billy Joel song lyric but also related to tonight’s topic, the law of contagion. Human beings generally perceive… Seek More

Law of Training

Your mind sorts your observations into categories. This is as true of women as it is of men though the structure of these categories shows differences between the genders. You have only a short list of possible characters or personalities… Seek More

Links of Causal Contagion

Shall we explore the possible non-psychological basis for the law of contagion? It’s reasonable to assume that the chain of cause and effect in an environment includes everything in that environment, yes? To be affected by an event, something had… Seek More

Metaphysical Alchemy: Vertigo

So any questions about the law of contagion? Can there be sinister uses for this law like for cursing someone? That’s how cursing is done. It’s also how curing is done. The one laying a curse creates a mini crisis… Seek More

Metaphysical Alchemy: Teeth Clenching

I was wondering about teeth clenching. It’s a habit I want to stop because it leads to headaches. Ok, tell me about the circumstances in which you experience teeth clenching, time and situation. Usually at night. A lot of these… Seek More

Metaphysical Alchemy: Headaches

Would the same sort of alchemy thing work for daily headaches as it does for vertigo or teeth clenching? No. Daily headaches need calcination. Under what circumstances do you experience the headaches? Almost every morning. Ah ok, on waking or… Seek More