Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Metaphysical Alchemy: Headaches in Law of Contagion

Would the same sort of alchemy thing work for daily headaches as it does for vertigo or teeth clenching? No. Daily headaches need calcination. Under what circumstances do you experience the headaches?

Almost every morning. Ah ok, on waking or on resuming daily activity?

Resuming. I do on occasion wake with with them but more often after I’ve been up for a couple of hours.

Do you also have problems with your ankles? No. Feet? No. Hmmm, gut? On occasion.

Ok. The reason I ask is headaches are unlike vertigo. Vertigo is the body trying to radically counterbalance an otherwise dynamic energy flow. Headaches stem from attempted reroutes. Now I may be wrong with this, but I will just go forward with the alchemical model anyway.

They use calcification because some solid materials are otherwise reactively inert. They won’t properly or fully exchange with other reagents. So they use fire to burn down the fixed state of the base material. They “exhaust” the process that is keeping the base condition in its fixed form. Is this beginning to make any more sense?

Then they sift the ashe from the remaining solids and add that to the working mixture which personally means removing unnecessary baggage from ones daily affairs and cutting back on responsibilities. Smile at people is wonderful contagion.

Oh, they act creeped out sometimes if you smile. It is still wonderful contagion. Their reactivity needs stimulating.

So calcination… Personally, it’s accomplished through extreme engagement. Pushing the limits to see where things break down. Being unreasonable in order to have a chance to be fluid and adaptive.

Do you get these headaches when having a personal outburst?

No. I rarely have personal outbursts. I suppose I’ve always viewed them as a waste of energy. Yes. Headaches are kept energy. Could you find opportunities to fake an outburst? Poison pen letter to no one in particular?

Sure, I could anonymously mail some fleet enemas to a few people. Otherwise, I suggest strong coffee and spicy food. Jalapenos have a pain reliever in them, and coffee acts to promote blood flow.

That would be some breakfast but I’ll sure try it. The headaches are wearing. They make a good omelet filling, or can be included in hash browns or something.

Well, I may have gotten off track a bit. Diet is also a field of contagion. Once eaten you know.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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