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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Sympathetic Links in Law of Sympathy

Two things that are coloured red have a very real shared quality. In a literal scientific sense, they both have physical traits that makes them reflect the red color from the light spectrum.

Metaphysically, it’s basically the same with the Law of Sympathy. If two things seem to have common traits, it’s because they share a link to a common metaphysical/spiritual force. What this means for practice is that if you use or act on something with a quality you wish to use, it will influence anything else that has that quality.

In the way that body types mirror personality types? Yes, exactly. That would be the Law of Sympathy shown in very vivid morphology. In human genetics, there is also a limited set of visibly expressed sets of genetic factors. They call these phenotypes, and the Japanese associate blood type with personality type. Even science is now noticing that there is an observable cycle of human temperaments and being born at certain times of year, even if they don’t want to admit any connection to the stars or planets.

Is this why people find it difficult to change their weight, because their personality also has to change? That is exactly why. Generally withholding people withhold everything. Their breath, which slows metabolism. Their fluids, which leads to water weight gain, etc.

Sympathetic links are not one way, and that is the basis for all sympathetic magick. In fact, that is the essence of the specific branch of magic known as sorcery. Acting on the web of sympathetic links to set up tensions that will create a desired result. Like a spider checking the lines of its webs and setting up key resonances to sort of “envenom” a target person or situation. The Law of Contagion in action there. A sorcerer projects his or her presence so as to manifest at a distance.

I think I may have gotten too abstract, so I will try to clarify. Whatever you like in life, you are in “sympathy” with. It and you resonate, so much so, that changes in it can change your mood before you even become aware of the change in the normal way. Like knowing a beloved family member is in distress. Anyone experience anything like this? Isn’t all that rare is it? Not for anyone of a sensitive temperament.

But here is the flip side of that, and this is something everyone experiences. It doesn’t take a special temperament. Anything you dislike, anything you fear or hate, you also have a sympathetic link with. You resonate with it too. It’s just a “noisy” link so people are always feeling a sense of anxiety, even “well adjusted” people, because they feel the activity of all these things they have identified as problems. I suppose this is instinctive maybe, but it’s a case of the Law of Sympathy using you, instead of you using it. So really, it should be called the Law of Sympathy/Antipathy, because it’s the same dynamic either way.

Now, here is the problem. Just as by deliberately connecting with things that have an effect and you would desire will have that affect, like say the color blue lowering fever and evening out anxiety, connecting with problems creates the same energy as the problem.

It works only one way. What you connect with you embody.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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