'Law of Knowledge' Chapter

What power is there in knowledge? Why do we seek knowledge really? Knowledge, true knowledge, arises from seeing connections between a skill and its purpose, and connections between that purpose and other purposes. Knowledge arises from the inherent structure of the world around us.

Knowledge is something that is developed by a process of creative incorporation of experience arrived at through practice. The study and practice themselves can lead to no meaningful progress.

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“Information is not knowledge.” Albert Einstein

“All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price.” Juvenal

Relationship Between Knowledge and Ability

There is a popular saying, knowledge is power, but why do we believe this? Does knowing something really change our ability to act in the world directly? DO we believe it? I would offer that you likely do believe it.… Seek More

Knowledge is Emergent

Where does luck factor into metaphysical law? Luck in the original sense was a personal trait as the Norse understood it. A way the world behaved around you because of the way you were, the person you are. That is… Seek More

Knowledge is Survival

Knowledge is indeed power, not because we acquire ability from knowledge, but because we apply ability to experience. We all have a transferable ability to understand cause and effect, sequences and systems, and this ability works the same no matter… Seek More

Knowledge is Power

In theory, there can be some circumstance that compromises knowledge like being blind or suffering exceptional brain damage. The blind have no knowledge of sight, but they do have ideas about sight. Learning about it is not the same as… Seek More