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Knowledge is Power in Law of Knowledge

In theory, there can be some circumstance that compromises knowledge like being blind or suffering exceptional brain damage. The blind have no knowledge of sight, but they do have ideas about sight. Learning about it is not the same as knowing it, or am I mistaken?

It’s said that in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king. We have many skillful people in the world, and those who come to excel demonstrate not superior skill, but superior knowledge. Steve Jobs wasn’t any more skillful in computer science or engineering than his peers, but his depth and range of knowledge or “vision” was superior.

So knowledge is something that is acquired over many hours of study and practice? Putting in the time? Knowledge is something that is developed by a process of creative incorporation of experience arrived at through practice. The study and practice themselves can lead to no meaningful progress.

Perhaps a more contemporary reference. The highest degree of education we acknowledge socially is the doctor of philosophy, is it not?

Before a certain point, the student is acquiring skill, it’s only after long experience that they arrive at actual knowledge beyond that skill development. This is why ethics boards are primarily chaired by people with this degree of education. They have enough experience to anticipate not only the causal ramification of any single course of action, but the broad impact of a trend or practice in the skill.

They have the skill to anticipate larger patterns? They have the knowledge. No amount of skill allows anticipation. Skill does not inform us of circumstances outside of the skill.

Unfortunately, many self-proclaimed philosophers appear to me to have no knowledge but a lot of skill at turning a phrase. Yes, they are skilled in the philosophical system. The ancient philosophers had a word for this sort of philosopher, a sophist. Sophistry has some rather scathing criticism recorded about it, perhaps well justified even though it’s a very popular attitude these days. The word sophomore means empty headed.

Knowledge is power because it arises from power, from the behaviour of energy in our world.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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