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Prophecy in Knowing


There is an interesting phenomenon happening soon that has never really happened before. Many prophetic cycles have resolved recently or will be resolving soon, like the Mayan calendar and the 2012 date. Myself, I don’t canonize any cycle, but I think intuitively we can observe that many things are coming clear at this point and will very soon. We are shaping much that will carry on perhaps for millennia to come.

Has anyone done any interesting reading or had any insights about how the world is shifting? My observation is that there is a drive in secular society even to account for the intuitive nature of the human mind. A more holistic view of mind and spirituality seems to be of more concern than tradition anymore.

There have been many apocalyptic periods when radical change has happened. Revolution in thought and human activity. The year 2012 and other prophecies. It can be said the prophecy is and always has been a statement more of human potential than “fate”. And we actualize ourselves as naturally as the grass itself grows. But as they say, life follows a circle and any beginning at first requires the end of something else.

The most popular doctrines espouse a fear of this ending. Organized religion, including Scientism. (Scientism is the idea that science is the one truth.) The world is alive and we can observe this change even now. This end isn’t just an end for humans, it’s an end of a life cycle.

We are at a crisis point as humanity has been at them before. But this one differs in that instinct is necessary but inadequate. The old pattern is passing. “Crisis” in this case is being at a psycho-spiritual tolerance point. Everyone admits they have a breaking point, yes? Well, the mind is not an island and spirit moves through us all. We have our individuality, but there is a communality and the collective spirit shifts. It can reach a breaking point also. When this happens, consciousness itself shifts. Sort of the twelfth monkey phenomenon on a world wide scale. It is already happening.

Does the spirit itself have a breaking point? Actually, no. Break implies mortality. But radical change, a quantum leap, often traumatic, thus it is described as “breaking”. In the last millennia they believed it to be an apocalypse. This religious event didn’t happen, but it did herald a shift away from “fear of God”. Led to the age of reason, if indirectly. But we are ending not merely a millennium, but a whole aeon. An epoch in a sense, using the terms loosely.

This shift that is coming will be a quantum leap above quantum leaps. Many notions have been tried, magic, religion, science. Human understanding has come full circle. We don’t know where we will be going? or how? In a process of rational thinking, no. Not in the paradigm we are in now, and we have come to see the limits of reason and of faith.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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